The younger generation of consumer + financial management concept, Jingdong white take enjoy investm

The younger generation of consumer + financial management concept, Jingdong white take in advance to enjoy investment income – Sohu technology with the depth of the development of Internet banking, financial, consumer, social and other traditional concepts increasingly blurred boundaries. Jingdong finance will provide financial services, directly into the user’s daily life, to achieve the financial services scene. As Jingdong launched the financial consumption + financial consumption patterns, Jingdong white take more and more popular with young consumers. The so-called Jingdong white take, simply said that the user in the Jingdong financial platform to invest in a Jingdong white take financial products, on the early white take goods. Compared to the traditional way of investment and management, Jingdong white take advantage of the form of consumer goods in advance to allow consumers to enjoy the benefits, to meet the needs of users of financial and shopping. It is worth mentioning that the purchase of Jingdong white take is equivalent to the purchase of fixed income financial products, these financial products are relatively low-risk products more robust. It is understood that, as the main force of consumption + finance, after 80 groups of Jingdong is a large white, but also financial consumption, Jingdong white gradually become a new consumer trend. After the preference of Jingdong white take a year of goods to buy money, white take the goods is a new experience in the financial management of Jingdong to take a new white. It is understood that Jingdong E card, iPhone 7, millet smart bracelet is Jingdong white take the user favorite to buy the top three products, the most practical and stylish products to attract people. In addition, from 80 to 90 percent of young people to buy the amount and duration of the investment point of view, the user is more inclined to choose the total amount of goods in the purchase is low, the investment period of 1 years of goods. To 80, for example, this part of the young people in the Jingdong white take on the amount of goods, the purchase of less than 1000 yuan, the investment period is more popular in the commodity for the period of 1 years. Jingdong to get business related responsible person said, "after 80 as the representative of the young group preference 1 years Jingdong get white, because some short-term financial liquidity, financial investment in short period, after the expiration of the user can not only recover the principal, also can get additional financial benefits, is a good way of consumption." It is understood that, compared to 70 after 90, 80 groups are not only the financial management of Jingdong large, or Jingdong white big family. At the same time, consumption can finance, Jingdong white take has become a new consumer trends. In addition, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu is the user favorite "three areas to get the single time from the user point of view, before 9 a.m., 18 point -22, the leisure time is the peak season of consumption. Compared to the traditional way of investment and financing, investment and financial management, Jingdong white take ahead of time to allow consumers to enjoy investment income. With the general financial product investment, then the investment income received different maturity, "Jingdong to take" before and after the principal and investment income division, will return to provide to the user in the form of goods in advance, to meet user needs financial + shopping. Investment Jingdong white take the equivalent of buying a fixed income financial products, these financial products are low-risk products, more.相关的主题文章: