These lipstick, please rest assured that the boyfriend (video)

These lipstick, please rest assured that boyfriend lipstick for every woman, never! Too! Much!!! Can not make-up but can not rub lipstick, improve complexion on lipstick, out of this life is to use lipstick lipstick ~ ~ ~ more than 10 times that is true, but there will be a true love, even if every time you buy color are similar, but the brand is not the same ah, love is the lipstick feeling. Get a new lipstick for a moment, the world is blingbling ~ ~ ~ but you know the lipstick to eat more, the body is not good, chemical poisoning ah, ah ~ hair and so on for many pregnant mother is more tangled, for " no makeup makeup, lipstick can not eat this thing " it is very tangled, let me look at those pregnant women can eat, lipstick, give yourself a comfort. Not pregnant, in order not to kill herself and her boyfriend, also take a look at the 1:Jane Iredale high value parity =Jane + + high quality color IredaleJane Iredale is a world-class mineral skin care cosmetics brand, from 1994 up to now has 22 years of history, is the same name brand founded by Jane Iredale, Chinese named treasure Rui De. Jane Iredale before the creation of the brand is an advertising director, and the top stylists and makeup artists in the process of cooperation that the make-up of the actor’s skin damage and the impact of the establishment of the brand. So Jane Iredale products are made with a number of natural ingredients. (on the blackboard) made of pure natural raw materials not suitable for sensitive skin but precious products do low sensitive skin test and expert testing, so sensitive skin can try. Pregnant women can also try before Yang Mi in the micro-blog Po this brand today recommended her silver tube just kissed Color Lipstick round fine metal tube is convenient to carry and texture of Hin, after the upper lip color. It’s good to use is provided about, not to pull out dry, containing avocado oil, olive oil, so a good degree of moisture, use does not occur after lip wrinkles and dry. And lip and cheek dual-use, ingredients do not worry about the safety of clogging pores. A lot of people take it with the Dior color ratio, said it did not lose, and more moisture. Color is the United States and the United States, the basic color is very natural. Even if it is not make-up on the Hin is also beautiful, Hin natural. And durability is good, will not fall off in a while. Hongkong has a counter, we can go and see. In addition to the silver tube just kissed also has a gold tube PureMoist Lipstick. Color more and more beautiful. Contains vitamin A and C, the safety color also lipstick ingredients nourish lips precious, so please rest assured boyfriend ~~2, Alima Pure (food from the United States 100% pure mineral makeup brand) Alima Pure translation is "pure" means "Brien O founder Kate ~ ~ because the aunt and mother had breast cancer, in order to let their children away from the chemical makeup相关的主题文章: