They are all in six consecutive years! 4 players to witness the escort of the big two-ca1810

They are all in six consecutive years! The 4 player overall witness two chiefs to escort 4 veteran sina sports draw with Yanbian flight, Guangzhou Hengda get ahead of the summit in 2016 from the Super League champions, promoted to Super League since 2010, Hengda has completed 6 consecutive league win dominance, plus two AFC Champions League League, they are Chinese refresh the history of football at the same time. It is in the shadow of the China become football in Asia and the world to bring up the topic. This result, in addition to thank a large number of domestic and foreign top players have to vote, Li Zhangzhu, Lippi, and able to perform wonders of Cannavaro and Scolari and the world famous is inseparable. But we should see that behind Hengda Dynasty, there are a number of veteran character, they are the real founder of Hengda 6 consecutive and witness. Lead the team to the world — Xu Jiayin frankly, my team, as long as the boss is willing to invest, is a blessing for the fans. From Hengda has been rushed into the super big Xuanshuai and signings, to obtain the Alibaba group strong capital, overall investment not only increase. At the same time, the team and Bayern, Munich, Real Madrid and other top football clubs to reach a cooperation agreement and announced the flow of players, step by step toward the world’s club. Hengda has been able to establish their own society, high investment and foreign aid, marshal and other aspects are closely related, an incomplete statistics, Hengda nearly 6 years in the foreign aid spending on the transfer fee of up to 150 million euros, spent in the coach who has reached nearly 50 million euros, add up to the total cost of more than 1 billion Dynasty, really is that hit out, and all this is more than the other club to catch up and imitate the target. The declaration will within 5 years from AFC Champions League champion, Xu Jiayin in their own way so that all his doubters shut up. In addition to large investments, Xu Jiayin is actively seeking to seek cooperation with the world top clubs, both players flow or the technical and Tactical Guidance communication, especially the development of Hengda foot school, Xu Jiayin for the rest of the world, professional management towards world class let Hengda Club continue to move. Everything, as a representative of Chinese football, we have reason to thank Hengda, thanks to Xu Jiayin. Huiyanshizhu helm — Liu Yongzhuo Huiyanshizhu, elegance and wisdom, it should be Liu Yongzhuo to the majority of fans left the pronoun. As Xu Jiayin around the best partner, Guangzhou Hengda signings at the helm of the boss, from March 2010 to April 2016, Liu Yongzhuo brought many surprises to hengda. From 2010 in Guangzhou Hengda football, Hengda was just hit, the first thing is to recruit. Let the domestic first-class players to Hengda, this is the first decision of Liu Yongzhuo, in addition to salary, he will also be the future development blueprint and players Hengda express one by one clear, it needs strong eloquence and ability to judge. And Liu Yongzhuo just have these two advantages, in his lobbying, Zheng Zhi, and so on, such as the main players of the national team, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the main players of the national team is not in the相关的主题文章: