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This car brand value is as high as 400 yiyinian but only sell 4600 cars – car Sohu FAW car is said to be the zhuangshiduanwan. The first half of 2016, FAW car loss of 826 million yuan, to semi annual report, the worst since the listing according to reports, in order to arm to survive, FAW car or red car related assets stripped of its shares by FAW, FAW car and set up disk access, the same level of the "red division", there may be future establishment of red flag branch. At present, the production of all the red car in FAW car. Due to weak sales, the red car production line is not enough to start, a serious loss in the FAW car system, such as peeling off, for the FAW car 2016 annual results will boost." Reported as saying. It is a sigh. The red flag, once the pride of the Chinese automobile industry, now has been reduced to the listed companies eager to cut negative assets! Ordinarily, the red flag, FAW also spent a lot of money, a H7, which has invested billions in R & D, unfortunately, since the FAW Hongqi brand began to revive the high-profile, will never have any harvest in the brand, invested heavily in research and development of red flag H7, listing last May, as of this year in August, total sales of 4600 vehicles! It is said that one of the 1000 or military procurement. Said a little harvest not, may not be accurate, at least in the "brand value", the red flag is very awesome, a lot of contributions to the faw. In June this year, released by the world brand laboratory China "most valuable brands" analysis report, "red flag" brand value is determined as 42 billion 869 million yuan, compared with 2015 a net increase of 9 billion 194 million yuan! The brand value of such a cow, how it has become a negative asset? In the end is the world brand laboratory pit FAW, or red flag of the world brand laboratory ah? The Red Flag brand should have been very valuable, after all, a number of national leaders parade with red flags. However, the brand foundation is good, but also can not afford to toss hu. First, the red flag is the image of the "national car", then the amount of the manufacturers want to, what the county level Hongqi century star, with the current point of view, the car though ugly, but it is connected to the earth, how much is the selling point. Later, may see more of the world’s leaders feel the century star too LOW, seriously inconsistent with the red flag tall on the brand image, product requirements must also be tall on a bit, but I really can’t get it out, in the old section of the 6 platform, a red pentium. I still remember the time to drive, the media not to open, can only ride the driver a water white glove, to the national leader driving fan children, at the time, in fact, red Pentium either sell the quality is good, we think that the red flag may be a bit of hope. The result is not long, it may be because of the leadership it seems to be Comrade Xu Jianyi (can also be called comrades?) Back to the FAW, said the car can not do, too LOW! I like red light, the brand value is tens of billions,!相关的主题文章: