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Thomas 23+22 Franklin 34+13 Jilin 6 double escapement Shanxi Beijing time 19:35 on November 11th, 2016-2017 CBA regular season in the fifth round, the Jilin team against the Shanxi team home court. After a contest, the Jilin team to 102-93 victory over Shanxi, thus stopping the momentum of losing streak, in contrast to the Shanxi team suffered two defeats. After the end of the campaign, the Jilin team Shanxi team every record is 14 wins and 9 losses. Technical statistics of Jilin team, Thomas got 23 points, 22 rebounds and 5 assists, Kamlani scored 20 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Zhang Biao scored 18 points, Cui Jinming scored 17 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Chai Changyi scored 11 points, Zhong Cheng scored 13 points. Shanxi’s Franklin scored 34 points 13 in 7 assists, Potter scored 10 points and 12 rebounds, the original handsome 17 points, Yan Pengfei 10 points and 6 boards. The start, although the original handsome Shanxi team hit the three ball, but the Jilin team Kamlani Hei sudden foreign investment scoring, Cui chin Ming counterattack dunk score, Thomas is also using the penalty basket score, Jilin team 14-8. Zhang Biao then hit a layup, Kamlani again hit the three ball, Cui Jinming attack succeeded, the Jilin team 21-10. Although the original handsome team Shanxi three points in the ball, but the Jilin team by Zhong Cheng even scored three points in the ball, the end of the festival stage, the first three penalties for the Shanxi team to recover some of the scores of the three. The first section of the game, Jilin team 30-20 lead. The second section of the game, Zhang Biao is the Jilin team to get some points, but the Shanxi team immediately launched a counterattack, Luo Zhibiao three points, Wang Lei hit a layup, Franklin continuous attack succeeded, the Shanxi team will be close to 34-37. Then the original handsome and then outside the line three points, Franklin even penalty even, Shanxi team 41-38 over the score. Subsequently, Zhang Biao, Thomas and for the Jilin team. And at the end of the second half, the Jilin team 46-43 lead 3 points. After the easy side battles, Kamlani in the third quarter start to hit the three ball and the team shot a wave of 8-2, the Jilin team 54-45. Then the original handsome hit consecutive three pointers, but Zhong Cheng is also a sudden foreign investment when Thomas scored, the fast break to 2+1 after the Jilin team leading 64-53. The next game, the Jilin team offensive unabated, Kamlani, Zhong Cheng, Jilin and firewood continue to cut points for the Jilin team, the team 75-54 ahead of. The end of the stage, Franklin used the penalty basket for the team to recover a few points. The third quarter of the game, Jilin team 79-62. Distal start, Franklin, Ren Junwei and Yan Pengfei respectively Shanxi team score, Jilin team to rely on Zhang Biao and Thomas scored some points, the Jilin team 87-71. Then as per cent again three points led the ball back to start, but the Jilin team succeeded by Cui Jinming storm, Chai Changyi hit the three ball, and Kamlani even penalty even, stabilize the situation. The Jilin team defeated 102-93 in the end. Jilin team starting: Kamlani, Zhang Biao,, and the United States and the United States and the United States, the first team: Shanxi, the first team: the original team, the original Shuai,, Wang Lei, Ren Junwei, Cui Jinming, Potter相关的主题文章: