Thousands of dollars in her son was thrown down the house to pick up a good man to pick up the door

The mother-in-law is son threw a thousand yuan pension downstairs to the door of good people picked up the Sohu news before picking up there in the downstairs ran Meng money. Respondents for map yesterday at 4 o’clock, Yubei District Longji village Longshan Street 17 buildings 1 unit next to a big bill thrown down from upstairs, fall to the ground. The 47 year old building 17 building long Zheng Zhaoyang saw this scene, and immediately contact the community committees, will work together to pick up the money, and together with the police, and returned to the owner, a total of 1353 yuan. A lot of money was thrown downstairs yesterday afternoon, the Chongqing morning news reporter came to the incident. A 17 unit building hung on the wall in front of the Longji village community grid connection card, printed above the grid before long ran Meng and Zheng Zhaoyang, a full-time member of the grid have participated in this event jianqian". At that time, Zheng Zhaoyang was 17, he saw a unit of 1 units and between the 2 units of the concave shaped area there are a lot of money floated down from the upstairs, fell to the ground under the fort hom. See this scene, a lot of people in the teahouse came to the side of the fence railing, looking at those bills downstairs. Zheng Zhaoyang to the residents said: "we do not pick up, must be in the neighborhood of money, then lost all impatient." Worried about the money was the idea of Zheng Zhaoyang hurried to the grid long Meng Meng made a phone call, I hope he can come to the scene to help pick up the money back. "Even if I ban long, I also not easy to separate pick up the money." Zheng Zhaoyang said that due to fear that they can not find all the money, but easily lead to misunderstanding, so had to help Meng meng. Climb from door to door to find the owner before long, Meng ran before they arrived on the scene, will be scattered 100 yuan, a 50 yuan and 1 yuan of money to pick it up. The station is on the 2 floor Baokan side of Zheng Zhaoyang is not idle, he found a piece of bamboo, will float up to the 1 floor and the 2 floor window awning, all the money allocated to the ground. After all the money to pick up the hand, Meng Meng before the inventory, a total of 1353 yuan. Which of the neighbors is the money? Since no one to claim the scene, Meng Meng and Zheng Zhaoyang are somewhat embarrassed. 6 in the evening, Zheng Zhaoyang and the Yubei District Public Security Bureau Yongsan police station community police contact, Li Mingzhong to understand the situation of Longji community after, came to the scene to see the situation, he estimated that the money is from more than 2 floor apartment Layout 1 or 2 residents of the home left the apartment layout. To this end, the three decided to ask from door to door. The building belongs to the old residential buildings, there is no elevator, the light is dark. Li Mingzhong’s eyes were not very good flashlight, found on the top floor of seven floor from the third floor, and from the seven floor to the third floor review. In the two search, in 5-2 Tang seemed strange, he first asked evasive, he said without losing money, second times when asked but lost money. "Tang’s spirit has been some problems, I guess he lost." In order to confirm Li Mingzhong, went downstairs to find was on the ground floor cook Tang mother, mother-in-law. 70 year old Li Mingzhong saw her mother in the hands of the money of $1353, get nervous. Home to find, it is really not long before she received retirement wages. Lose also相关的主题文章: