Three 81 king 21+13 Fujian new aid back injury, double overtime loss to Jilin-pppd-175

Three 81 king 21+13 Fujian new signing back injury double overtime negative Jilin Beijing time on November 18th night at 7:35, 2016-17 season CBA league tournament eighth round continues, the Fujian team away to Jilin team. The third section of the game, the Fujian team has just joined the foreign aid officials announced today ter Phil sprained, final fight after four games and two regular overtime, Jilin team to 127-120 win over opponents, Jilin has won four straight home court. The Jilin team, Brown 31 points and 3 rebounds and 7 assists; Thomas 37 points and 15 rebounds; Zhang Biao 14; Cui Jinming 15 points and 5 rebounds; Kamulani 13 points 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Fujian team here, JJ- Hickson 41 points and 27 rebounds and 4 blocks and 4 steals; Zhao Tailong 24; Wang Zhelin 21 points and 13 rebounds and 3 steals; Xie Yacai 14; Zhou Qixin 10 points and 2 rebounds. The four section specific score (the Fujian team in the post): 23-34; 20-22; 36-25; 25-23; 9-9; 14-7 (a time) (Overtime two) first quarter the match began, Hickson and Zhao Tailong jointly cut points, Fujian’s opening to turn from a guest into a host 7-3. Jilin’s armed forces Lingming, replaced with a 6-0 attack, 9-7. Since then, the two sides into a melee, the score rises alternately. Brown outside the ball long distance two ball Biao, Jilin team to 21-22 lags behind. This section of the last period of time, the Fujian team scored three points in a row hit, hit a wave of 12-2 climax, to 34-23 lead the first game. The second section of the game started, the new aid ter Phil came off the bench, three from the foul penalty 2 3, and hit a record three points, the Fujian team played a 7-0 attack. After Zhao Tailong hit three points, the Fujian team has established a huge lead in the score of 22 points. Suspend the return after the Jilin team of foreign aid Brown and Thomas outside the lines were angry, before the end of the half court game will narrow the difference to 13 points, the home team to 43-56 behind the opponent temporarily. Easy side battles, the Fujian team started still maintained two digit lead, but ter Phil was forced to leave his ankle, but also let Fujian team unexpected. Brown caused the opponent fouls two penalty in the whole, the Jilin team will be reduced to a difference of 9 points to 69-78 behind. But the Fujian team called timeout, but still failed to stop the opponent’s momentum, after Cui Jinming outside the three points Biao, behind the Jilin team only to 79-81. At the end of the three quarter, the Fujian team is only ahead of the 2 points. The fourth quarter began, the two sides almost returned to the same starting line, and also turn up the score, the two teams tied several times. Critical moment, Wang Zhelin scored inside and caused a foul opponents, Fujian team 97-92 re established 5 points advantage. At this time, the Jilin team Zhong Cheng stepped forward, inside the fighting front plate scored after the outside and the cannon hit three consecutive points, the team played a 10-3 attack score will lead to 102-100. The last moment, Xie Yacai twice shot to tie the score, Brown lore ball, the two sides into overtime. Overtime, Thomas became the Raiders scored 6 points, the Jilin team 110-105 lead)相关的主题文章: