Three new board received comments the market index rose red

The new board received: market index closed red tail card network news (reporter Zhang Yi) board making index of late today changed the morning and quickly pulled the weak pattern, eventually rose 0.4% to close at 1093.77 points, although the volume failed to enlarge, but the first few days of this week is swept away. As of today’s close, a total of 716 market share trading occurs, the total turnover of 303 million yuan, a total of only 239 shares of the agreement transactions, the total turnover of $507 million. Among them, a total of 13 stocks turnover of more than ten million yuan, hongjitang, Lily network and lianxun securities turnover in the top three, respectively, 105 million yuan, 84 million 874 thousand and 100 yuan and 31 million 119 thousand and 900 yuan. Decline, China green biology, new material and diamond Frierson oil gainers three, rose 15455.56%, 2225.58% and 925%; in addition, including Hua Jitang, Kimcheon science and technology, 10 stocks rose more than 100%. In contrast, the west of entrepreneurship, good friends of science and technology and small loans fell more than 80%.相关的主题文章: