Tianjin Binhai New Area to enable the transportation of hazardous chemicals three lanes-didadi

Tianjin Binhai New Area to enable three lanes of hazardous goods transportation – Beijing, Tianjin Binhai New Area to enable 3 lanes of hazardous goods transport Xinhua Tianjin October 9th news (reporter Mao Zhenhua) reporter recently learned from the Tianjin Binhai New Area government, put into use in 3. The district planning special-purpose road before located in Tanggu, Hangu Beach Road Qixia street, Dagang textile Avenue 3 main road, the total mileage of 42.7 km. The 3 hazardous goods transport lanes designated traffic marking 141 thousand and 800 Yanmi, note 73 words ground group, install signs 127, road identification pointed out that "chemicals vehicles please go lanes". Binhai New Area according to the relevant person in charge of the hazardous chemicals lanes will be hazardous goods transport vehicles and other vehicles of social distinction, not only improve the traffic efficiency, but also can avoid the vehicle driving safety hazards caused by the cross. Next, Safety Supervision Bureau and the Public Security Bureau and other departments will further hazardous goods transport enterprises centralized transportation safety publicity, guide and urge the driver the correct use of lanes, and not by Lane behavior in the premise of education and warning for punishment. Previously, Binhai New District, district and street town level, enterprise level three hazardous goods enterprise online monitoring platform has been built within the jurisdiction of 230 hazardous chemicals and 19 enterprises involved in major hazard industry and trade enterprises into "security net" of all hazardous chemicals enterprises 24 hours of uninterrupted supervision. Binhai New Area urban safety risk assessment report has been released, the formation of the Binhai New Area, "urban safety risk assessment report", "urban security risk electronic map" and several sets of programs.相关的主题文章: