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Tianjin million meters of sea birds "continued: jingfangxingju 7 illegal Fowler – the rule of Law — people.com.cn people.com.cn Beijing 14 October, according to the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau WeChat certified public number" safe Tianjin "message, to crack down on illegal bird hunting activities, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the Forestry Department since October 9th, organized for a period of two months of remediation clean-up illegal hunting and bird trading activities of the special action within the city. Since the actions undertaken to clean up the city’s total key areas and illegal trading market 79, net clearing 9310 meters, according to the criminal detention of 7 suspects, and confiscated, found more than 1700 kinds of birds flying on only. It is reported that the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to this special action, set up a special task force responsible for the leadership of the Council, made a plan with the heavy blow, focus on remediation of illegal hunting, trafficking, illegal acquisition of birds. During the operation, the city’s public security organs to prosecute the illegal hunting of birds, a thorough investigation of illegal breeding birds behavior, thorough investigation of illegal trading behavior of birds as the focus, to carry out key areas remediation clean-up, crackdown illegal hunting, bird trading crimes, mobilize the bird lovers and volunteers to provide clues, at the same time, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has also set up a supervision strengthen supervision group, action, promote the implementation of measures, to ensure that the special action to achieve tangible results. The police also informed the two typical cases: 1, October 10th, the ad hoc group according to the clues, the preliminary judgment of suspected bird traders Moumou (male, 45 years old, the District of Ninghe city people), Wang (male, 44 years old, Hebei District city people) and suspected bird Lee (male, 45 years old, the Ninghe City District People) have a major crime suspects. Subsequently, the task force mobilized 30 police officers, three Bingfen Road, respectively in Ninghe District Beichen District, the Moumou, Lee, Wang and other 3 suspects were arrested, and in the Lee residence and seized illegal hunting of wild birds (only 373 belong to the city of animal protection). After preliminary examination, the Moumou since September 2016 for the benefit of the illegal acquisition of a large number of wild birds confessed to the crime; Lee on the end of September 2016 under the nets more than 10 times more than 100 wild bird hunting, confessed to the crime; Wang explained the birds began to engage in transactions from 2014. Now Moumou, Lee, Wang has been the public security organs according to criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. 2, October 13th, the Public Security Bureau of Hangu Binhai Branch according to the clues, according to law, arrested and criminal detention of suspected illegal hunting crime suspect Zhuang Moumou (male, 32 years old, Ninghe people), after preliminary examination, Zhuang Moumou confessed to the illegal hunting of wild birds began to repeatedly more than 600 from the end of August 2016, to obtain money by selling more than 1 yuan of the facts of the crime, the case is pending. News links: Tianjin area belongs to the migratory area of migratory birds in the east of China, and the migratory birds migrate from the south in the spring. Tianjin has a record of 19 species of wild birds of 70 families, 196 genera and 416 species, including the national I level of key protected birds of the 13 species, the national II class heavy相关的主题文章: