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Tiger Putin! Russian economic development minister was arrested for bribery, Sohu Ulyukaev 15 days according to the Russian satellite news network reported that the Russian investigative committee (hereinafter referred to as the Russian Investigation Commission) said in a statement the same day, Russian Economic Development Minister Ulyukaev to threats to the national oil company (referred to as the Russian oil) bribes, and on Monday charged $2 million (about 13 million RMB) bribes for Russian oil to buy 50% shares of the company the green light oil bash. The satellite network reported that the Russian investigation committee has on the criminal case. The statement said Ulyukaev has been detained, the authorities are investigating the necessary actions against him, and plans to sue him. If convicted, he could face a sentence of 8 to 15 years in prison. Reported that Ulyukaev was arrested for bribery, and Bash oil company shares in the acquisition of legal procedures, the investigation object is not a criminal case. At the same time, a law enforcement source to the Russian news agency said earlier, the Russian Federal Security Bureau had been spying on Ulyukaev for more than a year, do not know whether he was now at first because of the charges on his suspicions, but does he conducted a survey of more than a year of study." Russia today network 15 news, the Russian presidential press secretary Peskov comments Ulyukaev of the detainees said, this is a very serious charge, need to be very serious evidence, only the court to make a ruling. Russian oil bash October acquisition of its 50.0755% stake in the acquisition, involving funds amounted to $5 billion 200 million.相关的主题文章: