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To guard Iran kendiya back door black for 7 consecutive years the first round of very poor play reporter Jing Zhenghua Samuels opener kendiya basketball game against Jilin, a match is expected to win. You know, last season and was beating Jilin kendiya field, and the field can win the match 17.5 points. Unfortunately, foreign aid Samuels in the first game of CBA, only got 2 points and 3 rebounds, but losing kendiya. Kamlani took Jilin in the field of CBA, the number of foreign aid in Asia is not much, but everyone in the team’s role is very important. For example, the Sichuan team Hadadi, such as the Jilin team of Kamlani. Yesterday and kendiya basketball contest, the Jilin team began to firmly grasp the initiative from the game. Especially the 34 year old Kamulani, he still sharp. In the game, Kamlani, like a rocket propulsion, to the Jilin team’s attack on the wings – second played less than 3 minutes, Jilin team has achieved a leading edge of the figure of two. During this period, Kamlani or basket to kill the process, either in their own shot three pointers to the vacancy, kendiya defense caused great destruction. Although we are not unfamiliar to Kamlani, Bessie Boris was also the Iran kendiya foreign national team coach, with Kamlani, but the players have to suppress Kamlani mcdowell. Kamlani can top half teams, his last season in Jiangsu Tongxi effect, it has been proved, and yesterday he also put the Jilin team to carry on the shoulder. At the end of the first half, the Jilin team has been leading up to 18 points, such a big difference, it is difficult to reverse. Foreign teacher Bessie Boris in the middle of the break was very angry, he believes the players have two major problems. The first attack is too slow to fight the enemy separately, rotation. Second defense is not aggressive, two teams only 6 fouls, giving the opponent too many opportunities to break through and shoot. However, kendiya team did not change, the Jilin team also firmly grasp the victory. The game, Kamlani scored 30 points, two ball 9 throw in 7, three of 7 shots in the 5 and 5 times, all break into, the efficiency is amazing! In addition, the Jilin team of foreign aid Thomas scored 26 points and grabbed 16 rebounds, and 6 of them were offensive rebounds. Samuels opener suck Kamlani really badly, but the horse is still a small foreign aid team kendiya · Brooks’s performance is also very eye-catching, yesterday he got a game high 32 points, 5 assists and 5 steals. Of course, the horse 7 turnovers still seem a bit more, but the team kendiya 19 turnovers, also higher than Jilin’s 13 times. Fatal is that big foreign aid Samuels’s performance is not satisfactory. The Jilin team and the game, Samuels is the first CBA race, he seems a little nervous, until the second half of the third quarter before the first shot, scored only 2 points and 3 rebounds. It should be said that this is definitely not the true level of Samuels, it can not be such a level. Other players, Captain Yi’s performance in the regulation;相关的主题文章: