To overcome the two major problems in the world, Hunan, Zhuzhou Maple Bridge opened to traffic

Overcome the two major problems in the world, Hunan, Zhuzhou Bridge opened to traffic in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhuzhou, November (reporter Tang Xiaoqing) Hunan Maple Bridge opened to traffic on the 18th,, 13. The bridge deck is made of super high toughness concrete structure, which is the first time in the world. Maple Creek bridge is across the river channel between Hunan and Zhuzhou District of Tianyuan city Lusong District, the main span of 300 meters, a total length of 1729 meters, the main bridge steel box girder with a total weight of 5000 tons, a total of 27 section steel box girder, Twin Towers single span self anchored suspension bridge, the Construction Department of Hunan Huacheng road bridge Polytron Technologies Inc. Spectacular Maple Creek bridge. Yang Huafeng takes the light weight and high strength of the steel bridge, which is the first choice for the long span bridge, but its fatigue cracking and pavement damage are very common and serious at home and abroad. The main cause of the disease is the lack of local stiffness of steel bridge deck." Professor Shao Xudong, director of Bridge Engineering Department of Hunan University. To solve the above problems, the Shao Xudong team invented the orthotropic steel – thin layer have the intellectual property of ultra high toughness concrete composite deck structure light (STC), authorized 8 patents, a set of technologies for design and construction inspection and acceptance, issued by the local standards of Hunan province. As the chief expert, Hunan Huacheng road bridge Polytron Technologies Inc Shao Xudong said, Fengxi bridge is in the steel box girder, welding welding nail more than and 40 per square meter, the ultra high toughness steel and concrete composite deck as a whole, local stiffness increased 40 times, the risk of cracking of steel surface fatigue is greatly reduced, not long life bridge need to overhaul 100 years, only 10 to 15 years for a deck wear layer fast maintenance. Maple Creek Bridge opened to traffic. Yang Huafeng photo "ultra high toughness concrete original and ingenious structure details, successfully solved the pavement damage easily and repeatedly overhaul, and the high frequency of heavy traffic under the bridge deck is prone to fatigue cracking two worldwide problems." Shao Xudong told reporters that the ultra high toughness concrete composite structure of the bridge life span of one hundred years to maintain the direct cost of less than 1/10 of the traditional asphalt pavement. What’s more, there is no social cost of traffic congestion caused by the traffic jam caused by bridge deck overhaul, which reduces the traffic pressure of urban residents. At present, the "super high toughness concrete composite bridge deck" technology has been applied in Guangdong, Hunan, Beijing, Tianjin and other bridges. Hunan Huacheng road bridge Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Mao Zhijian introduced, this technology can be widely applied in the field of new bridge and old bridge steel deck bridge maintenance, using this advanced technology after maintenance in the life cycle no longer need to overhaul maintenance, will bid farewell to the steel deck repeatedly repeated bad repair history. (end)相关的主题文章: