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To record beautiful beans dumped 60 million fans out of the Ins according to the individual possession you lead: whether it is good news or bad news, as long as there is good news? The fashion circle "grandiose" circle it every day in the manufacture of some fantastic but attractive news, such as yesterday, everyone was sister Kim exit Instagram news detonated. Red Net supermodel golden girl "friends circle of Wrath delete" red gold "sister wrath delete a friend circle" in the network mode, a large amount of Instagram has 60 million fans, so ABSP, what left. To! We collectively for the little sister’s Instagram point wax. But according to the fans said, now she has retained Twitter and Facebook accounts, do not know the next step will be deleted, we wait and see. The reason behind it? Sister Kim personal website to think, why the limelight in the network give sister Kim opt out of Instagram? Do not know the details below is not exposed to her ambition. 2.99 monthly subscription opening according to the golden knife sister in Chizha social software plus personal website in the business, and the site is a fee, monthly $2.99 fee is not too much, not travel to moscow. It appears that the harvest is good, and then announced the closure of their Instagram, which is likely to focus more on the personal website. The world’s first points like the number of golden girl is so headstrong Kendall Jenner red is capricious. All this is understood, after all, sister Kim also in Instagram obtained a batch of raging like a storm, diehard powder after the enclosure is now their play, better operating mode. But for most fans, it’s hard to forget the photos on a social network. In 2015 this map gain points like the number of the world’s first above this picture is one of her many social networks in the most self red, according to statistics of authoritative website WWD, the Zhang Tu in 2015 to 3 million 240 thousand in the year INS like this at the top of the list, there are a lot of people imitate it, net red power is scary. (2015 ranking INS activity three: Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne model, Gigi Hadid) by users in addition to imitate these record photos + video you think this is a coincidence? Come on, sister Kim casually a picture like the number of points can be broken million please! Or she how confident start alone. 1 million 800 thousand the number of points like high-heeled shoes will lead to 2 million 100 thousand points like the video especially popular, almost picture the amount of points like three times more than two net red photo broke 2 million 400 thousand points like a sister Kim ins enough to buy 10   platinum package; and sister Kim made network business she ins enough to buy 10 platinum package to watch her so flowers相关的主题文章: