Tragedy! Battery tricycle failed to pull the key to start the 2 year old girl

Tragedy! Battery tricycle did not pull the key to start the 2 year old girl died of battery tricycle driver Xiao Ming, after the car did not pull the key to go away, the original want to go in and out for a few minutes will not matter, the result is not pulling the key, the car started, the two-year-old girl killed. Recently, the people’s Court of Jiaxing, Tongxiang, concluded the dispute over the right of life caused by the death of the girl. One day in September 2015, Xiao Ming drove a battery tricycle back to his shop, parked in front of the store on the vacant land. Soon after hearing the noise, the owner of the next door two years old daughter was reluctant to be hit by the battery tricycle crashed under the shutter door, sent to the hospital died in the day. The day after Xiao Ming stopped the car did not pull out the keys, Xiao Ming, 4 year old brother and the next door owner 5 year old son climbed onto the battery tricycle play. I love to see two younger brother, was babbling away from the embrace of grandparents, happily go. Who thought, when the battery tricycle unexpectedly started, hit the little girl. After the incident, the two sides failed to negotiate for compensation, the little girl’s parents sued the court, requiring Xiao Ming to compensate for the corresponding losses. Tongxiang court held that: the behavior of the key is not linked with the damage consequences of this case, so Xiao Ming should bear the responsibility of compensation for the death of the little girl. The plaintiff handed over the young girl to the aged parents, and allowed her daughter under two years of age to play along the road. She was not far away from the vehicle in the play. The plaintiff was not responsible for the guardian and was also responsible for the accident. Finally, after the court mediation, the two reached a compensation of 165 thousand yuan agreement. At present, the battery tricycle is very common in urban and rural traffic, such vehicles are often bulky, heavy weight, fast speed, but the stability and braking capacity is insufficient, traffic accidents are often prone to serious consequences. In real life, many people draw the habit of drawing keys without convenience. This bad habit is not only easy to be stolen by vehicles, but also has the risk of accidents caused by people who are not fully capable of starting. In addition, it is worth reminding that, in this case, a few children are less than 6 years of age, guardians should be cautious duty, custody of their children.

惨剧!电瓶三轮车未拔钥匙 突启动致2岁女童身亡电瓶三轮车驾驶人小明,停车后未拔钥匙即走开,本想进出几分钟的时间不会有事,结果因为未拔钥匙,车辆启动,将两岁女童撞死。近日嘉兴桐乡市人民法院审结了这起因女童死亡引起的生命权纠纷。2015年9月一天,小明驾驶一辆电瓶三轮车回到自家的店铺,将车停放在店前的空地上。不一会儿后听到响声,隔壁店主两岁的小女儿依依被该电瓶三轮车撞于卷帘门下受伤,经送医院抢救无效于当日死亡。原来当日小明停车后没有及时拔下车钥匙,小明4岁的弟弟和隔壁店主5岁的儿子就爬上了电瓶三轮车玩耍。年幼的小依依见到两个小哥哥,便咿咿呀呀挣脱了爷爷奶奶的怀抱,欢快地跑去。谁想到,这时电瓶三轮车竟意外启动,撞向了小女孩。事发后,两家因赔偿事宜协商不成,小女孩父母向法院起诉,要求小明一家赔偿相应损失。桐乡法院经审理认为:未拔钥匙的行为与本案损害后果之间有关联,故小明应对小女孩的死亡承担一定的赔偿责任。原告将幼女交予年迈父母照看,放任其未满二周岁的女儿在道路边玩耍,玩耍中也没有远离车辆,原告未尽监护人责任,对事故的发生亦有过错。最终,经法院调解,两家达成了赔偿16.5万元的协议。目前在城乡交通中电瓶三轮车非常常见,这类车辆往往体积大、质量重、速度快,但稳定性能和制动能力却不足,发生交通事故往往容易产生严重后果。现实生活中,很多人为图方便没有拔钥匙的习惯,这个坏习惯,除了车辆容易被盗之外,还存在被不完全行为能力人启动后造成事故的风险。另外,值得提醒的是,本案中,几个小孩均不足6周岁,监护人应当尽到谨慎的义务,看管好自家的孩子。相关的主题文章: