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Transport captain? Foreign media said the U.S. is busy with the SDF transport equipment – Sohu News Reference News Network August 31 news media said, as the two countries developed to allow to take more cooperation in emergency situations of Japan’s new defense guidelines, to strengthen the U.S. military aircraft and ships transport vehicles in Japan GSDF training. According to the "stars and stripes" website reported on 19 August January this year, the United States Air Force approved by the Japanese military vehicle by American Army plane at Yokota air base and Kisarazu air force base. 3 months later, a series of devastating earthquakes in Xiongben, the United States C-130 transport aircraft in the operation of the Japanese truck. U.S. officials said recently the United States Army landing craft of the SDF armored car transport from Sasebo to Yokohama. Air and sea transport operations in the Japanese self defense forces to amend the rules of action after the amendment was approved by Abe Shinzo’s cabinet in 2015. Japan’s self defense forces have more freedom of movement, can support U.S. troops in an emergency, and exempt from the SDF in the area of geographical restrictions on action. The U.S. ambassador to Japan forces spokesman John severns? Major said in the message: "in 2015 by Japan’s new defense guidelines and the Japanese Congress recently security law, so that we can carry out more new forms of cooperation with Japan." He said that the guidelines are expected to have a large number of international peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster emergency cooperation in the future, as well as the United States and Japan to provide logistical support to each other. He said, Wright – Paterson air force base air test personnel in January to Japan, the United States to verify the aircraft can safely transport vehicles in japan. Responsible for the identification of the Engineer Brian Herriot? Said, the United States team to measure the vehicle and vehicle weighing, to ensure that the U.S. military aircraft can accommodate these vehicles, in addition they also checked the fixing device for preventing displacement of the goods during transportation. "We need to protect the aircraft and cargo," he said in an email. First, we need to make sure that the cargo loaded by the aircraft does not exceed the limit of the aircraft. Second, we must ensure that the goods can adapt to the flight environment." Jose Ferns said, in April this year, the 374th Airlift Wing to 16 vehicles and more than a dozen Japanese military staff sent to Xiongben from Hokkaido, to provide the necessary equipment for earthquake rescue operations for ground troops. He said: "in the training scene and respond to such as the Xiongben earthquake event with real U.S. Air Force aircraft SDF assets carrying Japanese land it is very clear that example, strengthen cooperation will become the future development trend of the alliance." Was assigned to the Xiongben County Health United States army barracks, liaison officer Jacqueline? L? Hearn major to help oversee the United States Army landing craft to western Japan team 6 armored vehicles transport from Sasebo to Yokohama to work. The landing craft was used for loading and unloading equipment at the dock between or on the beach down on the bow door tongue. He said the landing craft is one of the U.S. military equipment deployed in Yokohama. She said 6 American soldiers and 25 Japanese self defense forces took part in the operation from July 27th to 31相关的主题文章: