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Business Hey what’s up everybody, this is Jacob Hiller with Jump Manual. Today, I want to talk to you about some incapables, I want to talk to you about goal settings ’cause obviously we all have goals, we all have aspirations and putting them to a plan of action and see to (intuition?) is extremely important and it’s all you want to do. I mean it’s very easy to pipe box and some good intentions and not set a path to get there, okay. So, I just want to talk a little bit about why that is so important. Under a microscope for example, if you look at small examples of your smaller goals of your training, you’re having a goal for each training session is also important. So, I suggest that you say overall very specific goals. One way to set goals is to think of it this way, SMART goals: you want it to be very specific, if you have a goal that’s very fuzzy you don’t know how to meet it, it’s going to be hard to determine the actions to take to meet that goal. So, you need to have a very specific goal and that goal also needs to be measurable because once again, you need to make sure that something you can decide whether or not to achieve that goal. So, making it measurable is a lot better. For example, a certain lift, you want to achieve a certain weight or a certain speed or a certain vertical jump height rather than just say "I want to improve" and it’s good if you can measure that throughout your training and could always get a basis on how close your getting to reach your goals. That’s why we have the tracking sheets with Jump Manual we use because it’s really nice before you do an exercise to say ‘he landed last time, he hit my goals and I get you to stretch a little further each time in a long range that really adds up. So, specific, measurable, attainable, you don’t want to just start right on a gig with a goal that’s going to be potentially unattainable especially on a short period of time. You have to set yourself something reachable that you can attain and then set a new goal, at the same time you don’t want to set a goal that’s so uneasy to attain and doesn’t stretch you. So, specific, measurable, attainable, the R stands for relevant okay, because if the goal isn’t relevant to your overall vision what’s more to do with your life, with your training, I’m going to get off course so make sure that you’re going to micro goals or relevant to your overall vision with progress. Next is going to be, I think I’m starting to forget what that T is, I believe its Track able? Wow, man I almost forgot what that T is but I think its track able so you can track your progress overtime however I might just forgot what it is. So, if you guys have another idea what T needs to be, let me know and we’ll make up our own T. Yeah, that’s kind of embarrassing. Anyways, want to make smart goals. Another good thing to do is get some accountability on your goals. Tell people, put it on your facebook wall, tell friends but don’t be ridiculous or don’t be a bragger, don’t show it on people’s faces just make it people hold you accountable for it and make people ask you about it, it makes you know that you have someone to report to that specific goal. One thing I’d like to do is get my goals in front of me and I’m going to show you a brief way to get that in front of you in a second. I’m going to show you how to get your goals on the screen of your .puters so you can always have them on your face you won’t have to forget about it. I don’t know how many kids or athletes, high levels as well as the lower levels tell me one day they have specific goal and a week later it’s over because they don’t keep that goal in front of them. If you have a goal and you’re serious about that goal, you may need to make a plan out to that and then you also need to keep that plan stay focus and dedicated to that plan so you don’t straight … that’s what’s going to keep you going through to those valleys where you feel like your not making progress but really you are you’re not just seeing the bruise yet. So, I’m going to pass through a little screen shot here showing you how to get your goals on the screen in front of you so you don’t forget about it. This also can be an opportunity that I kind of make a green board you think you can ac.plish like always whether it’s business or whether it’s my leg progress or whether it’s self meditate whatever it is, making goals, setting the SMART, the measurable, attainable, relevant and track able except with the T stands for. Setting those goals and keeping them in front of you and keeping a plan of action, and always following up on those is really increase your ability to attain those and take them all away to foolish. So, this next thing going to pass……. Hello everybody, wel.e to my desktop. I’m going to show you how to put your goals on your desktop. It’s going to be easiest if you have your windows machine ’cause that’s what I have ’cause I’m a windows guy. So, if you want to find out about windows Mac, let me know I’m down with it. So, first you will go to the start menu and you want to type in paint and there’s the paint program which .es free with your windows and here it pops up and now you can select any background. I’m going to be talking about how to make it look pretty really, you can have change your background or drag and drop pictures if you want you know it’s kind of dream board type thing if you want to drag and drop pictures of Tom Cruise or (Big boys rip?) or whatever you want. It’s kind of nice to those things in front of you so you’re always looking at your goals and focuses but if you want actually get your goals in writing, you click on this button here and then just type in your goals. So, lets say you want to put this section called fitness goals, highlight it, underline it and move it to the top and need to put another line down here to make it a little bit smaller and we’ll call this first one squat and don’t really like that underlined. So, squat and then you could say what you put on this, lets say your goals is to do 400 pounds and you could say what you want to do in months so let’s say you want to do that within 6 months or depends on the way it’s going to make a difference and then you can put any information about your goal, okay and then you can start another goal, you could color code or do whatever you want, make this as pretty or as ugly as you want. The goal is to have right in front of you and if you want it to this point you could go grab images from the web, base to you just right click on those images, copy and paste them in here and then images will show up here. So, when you’re done you’re going to have to save it here first so I’ll just go and save it on my desktop, we’ll call it goals and then you click on here and just say set as desktop background and we’ll just go ahead and fill up and let’s take a look, there it is. So, you can see on my desktop I’ve now put my goals in there. I could list more, I could list different sections but you know one thing is now every time you go to your .puter, you’re going to be looking at your goals to remind you to refocus and plan those, put them in your schedule so that you can get it done. Anyways, I hope this help you guys out and gave you some insight on how you could start planning your goals and keeping your focus and dedication because really that’s going to be your only option once you put the knowledge on what you need to do and the only thing that’s going to stop you is if you will loose focus, loose dedication and of course those additional things but biggest thing is you stand on top of it so I will talk to you soon. Bye-bye About the Author: 相关的主题文章: