True man Yang Mi call the family members of the risk of tears is what Hawick Lau-govos

The "real man" Yang Mi called family insurance tears is Hawick Lau? Sina entertainment news Hunan satellite TV "real man" in season second, the air force report being hit. This program will usher in the men and women of actual combat, the winner can follow the class monitor recruits continued to battle, which makes the "guard monitor" honor battle smoke. This year several recruits have the opportunity to call their loved ones. Huang Zitao [micro-blog] call your dad open mutual mode, Liyan Tong [micro-blog] Call husband Chen Sicheng who Yang Mi [micro-blog] [micro-blog] in the side of funny tricks. And Yang Mi met his call to relatives, saying that the eyes have been red hot tears, the mysterious family member is Hawick Lau [micro-blog]? Yang Mi calls for a mysterious family eye red insurance tears on the program, Liyan Tong tries to overcome the psychological fear, in exchange for good performance and his family on the phone a compelling opportunity. In this program, we have to repay, just a few minutes of talk time also makes the new recruits treasure. Huang Zitao and his father opened a fun conversation, Tao Tao proudly said to his father, "I have become a very powerful good soldier", but with the magic of laughter for Dad to answer, laugh about it. Subsequently, Fu Tsai will own the opportunity to talk to Huang Zitao, Huang Zitao did not hesitate to call Sun Yang phone, two people immediately launched the "mutual dislike" mode, Sun Yang with "you today fined" opening greetings, Huang Zi Tao for "you go to the pool." worried about each other brotherhood between special greeting again revealed two people. Liyan Tong call Chen Sicheng, Yang Mi beside her "husband, I" laugh and turn their practical joke, but the phone, Yang Mi was a bit nervous, careful asking the instructors can make a long distance ", who is the protagonist of this mysterious power power on the phone, while on the phone, and what makes Yang Mi eyes reddening, almost tears? Liyan Tong said: if I killed the ultimate test for my guardian monitor station Raytheon commando troop of men and women take war raged, winning the class monitor can accompany the players go through the next season ace forces. For both men and women, this is not only a test of training results of the actual combat exercises, but also guard squad honor war. Female monitor and Wang Wei composed of 5 defense group to jointly deal with male soldiers and several monitor consisting of 8 powerful attack group, in the case of female monitor against heavy odds, Wang Wei calmly, calmly fighting and women of all, Liyan Tong is a "if I died, you must monitor for my guardian" the shock of the declaration. In contrast, male soldiers in a party, support each other and clever attack gradually deep behind enemy lines and even a "veteran" Li Rui [micro-blog] are second middle ability, take positive psychological tactics to capitulate breakout success. The battlefield smoke, which can win the final victory, is the "Nei" female? Or "men of the firm and unyielding character"? Suspense announced tonight. Huang Zitao adapted Thor team song magic rap wind comeback this program, new)相关的主题文章: