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[two] correcting "four winds" Bijie day "cheap" cross open day – Guizhou channel — people.com.cn original title: [two] correcting "four winds" Bijie national cross "cheap" Festival even thorough investigation over the day, the Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on the "public funds to send boxing, public funds, public funds to travel, bus private and illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, weddings big way" festival prone high, continue to carry out thorough investigation within the city turns cross action, always maintain an important festival thorough investigation of the four winds high-pressure situation. During the operation, Bijie city discipline inspection organs at all levels to make full use of radio, television, newspapers, WeChat, micro-blog and other media, to intensify propaganda, to the city’s cadres sounded the alarm, greeting, demands, enhance the consciousness of honest holidays, and strive to create a low-cost Chong Shang Jian Festival atmosphere. The organization of the 56 teams into the scenic spots, hotels, gift shops, specialty stores, farmhouse, tourism companies to carry out a thorough investigation, thorough investigation of illegal public consumption problem; to city and county administrative service center, service center, township police station, primary industry and the delay before the service departments to carry out a thorough investigation, thorough investigation of work style issues. The discovery of the four winds problem clues, discipline inspection and supervision organs will resolutely check the fast, serious accountability, timely notification. As the official car logo printed on the national TV station to use the bus supervision coordination during the holiday season playing the "ten prohibitions" serving the people view the city government center staff workers working in the view of travel agency to investigate whether the existence of public funds to travel in the reception center to investigate whether the presence of public consumption in gifts, specialty stores survey the existence of public funds to purchase gift in the area of suspected Gongjusiyong, photo records.   (Bijie Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection (commissioning editor: Liu Sibo) (Intern), Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: