Two female workers off the bike by the elevator suddenly no one car (Figure) homefront

Two female workers off the bike by the elevator suddenly no one car (Figure) original title: Yangzhou, two women into the elevator ride, suddenly all the people did not go… Picture: the rescue scene rescue scene rescue scene photo: rescue scene photo: the wounded were sent to the hospital and now many people live in a high-rise, so every day can take the elevator, you have a fear of the elevator? Yesterday, 5:50 Xu, in Yangzhou Oriental food city near a business, two women took off when the elevator accident occurred. They would like to ride an electric flat tricycle ride to the 1 floor, who knows the car broke through the direct control of the elevator door to the second floor, the two people with a car fell into the elevator shaft. After the incident, police, fire, 120 emergency personnel were rushed to the scene to rescue a woman stuck, forced opens the elevator door, firefighters from the elevator shaft back out of the injured to hospital. Fortunately, when the lift distance from top 2 floor is not very high, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. The specific cause of the accident remains to be investigated. The elevator door crashed after wells sounds a bit unbelievable, but this case has occurred many times. Last July, Hubei, a shopping mall in Jingzhou occurred in the elevator accident, a woman was walking in the elevator and killed, video shocking to see people. Then the accident occurred in the elevator, it is once let the elevator became synonymous with "Thriller". The following elevator accident safety elevator ten points: Source: Yangzhou evening news editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: