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Two strategies and four bright spots, ten minutes to read 51Talk first earnings – Beijing, Beijing, September 9,   with the recent 51Talk carefree English (NYSE: COE) two quarter earnings announcement, Chinese online education industry once again attracted the attention from the earnings data, "China online education to the United States listed first" 51Talk continuation of three years of high growth myth, cash income, net revenue was three digit increase rate in the two quarter, as the K12 business increased by one of 51Talk’s strategic focus is as high as 423.1%, almost is a breakdown of the industry to its peers and other Internet unmatched growth rate. At the same time also proved less than a month ago 51Talk founder and CEO Huang Jiajia in the company listed on the conference about cultivating the K12 field full of confidence. In addition, 51Talk operating cash flow — of course, this does not include the enterprise obtained by public offering market financing — from negative to positive, a great leap forward, a net inflow of 13 million 600 thousand yuan, 51Talk platform highlights the strong operational strength and the future profitability. Not long ago, 51Talk announced two development strategies: first, firmly push forward the platform, cultivating K12 areas; two, build online education technology driven company. From the strategic pattern, whether it is the company size, brand value, or the teachers and users of products and services and technology operations, curriculum and other dimensions have been in the industry leading 51Talk do, seems to have been no longer confined and the opponent to compete, but according to their own on education and the Internet industry insight, constantly in multiple dimensions to break new soil and lay a solid foundation for the basic technology of architecture, with the 51Talk team has been the rational style of sound, the future probably will be difficult to shake the status of the industry. The landing of these two strategies, but also from the earnings data presented by the four highlights of the clues. 1.K12 course product matrix in place, pull the 51Talk high growth data earnings data: 51Talk two quarter cash income reached 195 million 200 thousand yuan (US $29 million 400 thousand), 72 million 400 thousand yuan, compared with the same period last year growth of 162.9%, net revenues of 96 million 900 thousand yuan, an increase of 203.5%. Which K12 business cash income 96 million 300 thousand yuan, an increase of up to 423.1%. The proportion of its total cash income also increased from 24.8% last year to $49.3%. In fact, prior to the announcement of the K12 strategy, 51Talk has completed the corresponding product layout. Listed on the conference, 51Talk youth course product matrix first published, including "the primary school curriculum" (American Academy), classic English (Classic English Junior) youth, youth and new concept (NCE) and a series of independent research and development of the curriculum product sequence. Obviously, the Youth English education field, 51Talk has been the first English product line will open, the realization of K12 users of all ages.相关的主题文章: