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The United States Congress: "Russian hackers tried to disrupt the" presidential news – Sohu in new network on 23 September, according to foreign media reports, members of the U.S. Congress two intelligence committee said on 22 local time, the recent cyber attacks have occurred "means that Russia tried to disrupt the presidential election in November". Reports from California and belong to the Democratic Senator Feinstein (Dianne Feinstein) and Rep. Schiff (Adam Schiff) said in a statement, according to the received briefing, they concluded that "the Russian intelligence unit costs tremendous effort to influence the United States election". "At least, this is going to make people suspicious of pneumatic election security measures may be intended to affect the election results. We can’t find any other reason to explain Russia’s behavior." The statement said. The report also said that from the Senate and the house of Representatives intelligence committee members Feinstein and Schiff have received a classified briefing, they said, believe that the hacker attacks "could only come from the Russian government very high level", and asked the Russian President Putin immediately ordered to stop this activity".相关的主题文章: