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U.S. media: Chinese F – 15 test catapult electromagnetic catapult or under construction according to the "popular science" magazine web site said in September 27th, nearly 60 years, the U.S. Navy has been using steam powered catapult to help aircraft from the aircraft carrier deck. This is the aircraft carrier catapult manufacturing, because they can safely accelerate large aircraft with large payload. Soon, "catapult takeoff and landing and barrage" (CATOBAR) system has become the standard system by the U.S. Navy and some American allies. Now China wants to join. There is a growing body of evidence that the Chinese navy is imitating the way the U.S. Navy fighter takes off. This change may have a significant impact on the western pacific. Although very powerful, CATOBAR system is very expensive. Therefore, Britain, Russia, Spain and India and other countries of the Navy used the take-off "ski jump takeoff landing system and arresting cheap" (STOBAR) system to help shuttle. For example, the United Kingdom in 70s last century, the development of the invincible class aircraft carrier in its front deck has a 7-12 degree of slope to help fly. The sea harrier fighter can use their power to take off from the slope. China has a former Soviet aircraft carrier (Liaoning ship). The aircraft carrier is using STOBAR. Although the STOBAR system is cost-effective, but this means that China does not have the ability of the U.S. Navy to start heavy combat aircraft and support aircraft. But recently there are rumors that the Chinese are developing their own CATOBAR systems for their aircraft carriers, and they are still testing the facilities that are manufactured by the US navy. Many sources can help confirm that China has a new takeoff system plan. Shoot some mid September photo shows the front head of an F -15 flying shark carrier fighter seems to be accompanied by a catapult "traction rod". When the plane took off, the traction rod will hook the catapult. Usni news website recently published some is equipped with a traction rod of F -15 fighter photos. These photos are from a Chinese website. The United States Navy society news website that this is likely to belong to a small group of fighters in China land-based CATOBAR facility is tested in the f -15 fighter. Satellite images show that the facility has been under construction since late 2014 or early 2015. Analysts believe that two to 460 feet (about 1 feet 0.3 meters) long catapults are under construction. A catapult appears to be a conventional steam catapult, another equivalent electromagnetic aircraft launch system of the United States Navy "(EMALS). If so, Chinese is building a land-based aircraft carrier deck test facility with a US Navy facilities equivalent. The facility has added to the construction of China’s second carriers. The new aircraft carrier will have a flying slope as the Liaoning ship, which will take advantage of their own power to take off. Therefore, CATOBAR may not appear on the upcoming aircraft carrier in China, but on the next aircraft carrier. The PLA Navy hopes to use these aircraft to expand its carrier space.相关的主题文章: