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U.S. media: the United States and the China when the space partner   can set up new space order — military — people.com.cn Bloomberg reported on September 7th, the original title: the United States should make China become space partners not long ago, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) officials informal visit to Beijing counterparts, is the secret of arrival, not released in the news, was asked by a reporter at the time are not willing to admit that there have been talks. What is the topic of this private conversation? The two sides hope to cooperate on climate satellites. In fact, it may be illegal to do so. Since 2011, the U.S. Congress has banned NASA from almost any contact with china. The lack of cooperation is rarely wise, and this is especially short-sighted: the potential benefits of space cooperation have never been as big as it is today. Outside Congress, there are many calls for cooperation between the two countries: officials, academics, analysts, scientists and astronauts. As we all know, the cold war model of space research – a small number of opposing forces to study alone, the discovery as a secret – outdated. Today, space is a $330 billion industry, and the number of people employed may be millions. From banks, insurance companies to truck drivers and farmers, more and more industries rely on space-based equipment. More and more countries are involved in the supply chain throughout the world, entrepreneurs have eroded the traditional military monopoly. New inventions also pose challenges. With the increasingly crowded orbit of space, it is necessary for every country to manage space traffic, to solve radio frequency disputes, to control space junk, etc.. In short, space needs new rules. Existing treaties and practices in the Cold War era, is not enough to adapt to the era of microsatellites. Now the need for a new framework, the military must also participate in cooperation. The United States and China as a space power, should play a leading role in the formation of new global rules. But if the two sides can not work together, it will be difficult to do this. It is wise to continue the talks. Sharing data between U.S. and Chinese scientists will help build trust and avoid duplication of work. Other collaborations or licensing through allies, in order to avoid conflicts with the current law of the United states. But in the end, it is necessary for Congress to act. Fear of espionage is understandable, however, the United States and Russia in many world affairs suspicion is very heavy, but effective cooperation in space for decades. This cautious optimism should also guide the relationship between the United States and china. China is the country that invented the rocket, the United States is the first country to land on the moon, a huge space for cooperation between the two countries. The United States and China can help establish a new space order. In the new era of business and discovery, both sides will benefit a lot. (Chen Junan) (Yan Jiaqi, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: