U.S. presidential election day is the protagonist exit safe mode

U.S. presidential election day is the protagonist of their upcoming U.S. election, tired of watching the scandal of the two candidates, we might as well come to focus on the protagonist of the U.S. election: voters. Voters are the core of the United States in the final stages of the presidential election campaign, they hold the votes of the people who can go to the White House, decide which party can control the next congress. Article 1 and article second of the Constitution states that federal and state elections are run and managed by the state government. The State Council establishes electoral laws, such as the division of constituencies, and the eligibility of voters. Each state election by the State Secretary of state (The Secretary of State) to monitor, and each county election is elected County election committee to operate. At the same time, when there is a contradiction in the electoral law, the state court will make a judgment. For example, Bush v. Gore in 2000. Of course, the federal government will through legal norms to promote the campaign and vote and equality, such as the fifteenth and 19 amendments to the constitution of the United States gives African Americans and women the right to vote, in 2002 to assist the United States Voting Act established the American Election Assistance commission. In the United States, the electoral law of the States is somewhat different. Now suppose you are a citizen of Maryland who has just turned 18. You need to register a vote by October 18th (register to vote). The purpose of the registration vote is to verify whether the voters meet the requirements of the vote and avoid the voters to repeat the vote or go to the wrong place to vote. Although the basic requirement is an American citizen and eighteen years old and no felony sentence, but the voter asked each state will have some differences, such as whether the vote to produce their identity cards, and voter registration deadline. There are three ways to register a vote, online registration, mail registration and registration of the office to go to the election. American citizens who live or work outside the United States may choose to register online, while local residents can download the registration form and send it to the local county election office. If you missed the deadline to register to vote in the United States, 13 states including the District of Columbia and North Dakota, allowing voters to register to vote on election day. And in this year’s general election, in order to encourage voters to vote, Google and Facebook and other websites will remind users to register and vote on the home page. Figure 1 Maryland online registration page. Figure 2 is a Maryland registered voting form. (source: the Maryland Election Commission) of Maryland registered online voting page registered in Maryland if the voting form has successfully registered after the vote, but not because of something in November 8th to vote at the scene, you can choose in the October 27th to November 3rd period to the local election office early voting, but you cannot change the selection candidate (only six states in America allows you to change your vote in advance). But if you live outside the United States or serve abroad, you can choose to vote by default (absentee ballot). First, fill in the form and absentee voting in November 4th before it through the mail or e-mail sent. Then choose to give to you 7相关的主题文章: