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The United States "pornographic" hacker sentenced released: was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for Jennifer · Laurence has also been affected according to Taiwan media reports, 2014, Hollywood actress nude private A coffee actually in the online travel, shocked all walks of life! Which is due to the red Jennifer · Laurence also included, but also to allow many fans can not accept, and this event also allows Google to intervene to help delete the record. When hackers steal photos of Ryan Collins (Ryan Collins), the decision also released on Thursday, he was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, but netizens think is too light. Ryan Collins in May this year admitted committing crimes, including Jennifer · Laurence, Kate Upton, · Kirsten · Dunst and Scarlett · Johnson et al., is a list of attacks! He is against the fake victim status to apply for iCloud and email password, hacked into multiple accounts, and steal the data. But according to the results of the survey, and did not find a direct share, Ryan upload these nude photos of evidence, so he only for "violating the computer fraud and Abuse Act" was sentenced to 18 months in prison.相关的主题文章: