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Uremic patients raised 8 million spent 100 thousand to buy a car when the driver money cure – Sohu live in Chongqing news Banan 24 year old boy Wang Hao (a pseudonym) in May this year is admitted to hospital suffering from uremia, contribution to the society, has received donations of 87226 yuan. Recently, was donated to the village said, he found that Wang Hao has bought a new SUV, the lowest price to 110 thousand yuan. Wang Hao this move so that donors are puzzled or even angry: how to buy a car without money to cure disease? Although later confirmed that Wang Hao does suffer from uremia, he said, is to find a car to find relatives to borrow money, ready to run a taxi drops to make money. This dispute is still a lot of users, which in the end is to cheat donate or self performance? Event: the netizen claiming to be suffering from uremia was donated 8 100 thousand million to buy a new car run drops according to the reports, Mr. Zhuang is a friend of Wang Hao, in June 10th this year, suddenly found that Wang Hao made a donation link in the circle of friends, point into a look, Wang Hao was suffering from uremia, is a network platform by collecting donations, fund-raising target 500 thousand yuan. The network is a collection of information collection platform, at the end of last year, Wang Hao from Chongqing to Dongguan to work, in May 31st this year by the local hospital diagnosed with uremia, due to inability to pay the huge medical expenses, has no contribution to the society. Donation information behind, with a few Wang Hao photos and identity certification in hospital. After investigation, a total of 1674 people donated through the platform, Wang Hao raised to $87226. Mr. Zhuang said he saw this donation information, the first time to contact a lot of friends to raise money to Wang Hao, donated a total of four thousand or five thousand yuan, of which he donated $300. Mr Chong said that their work is not long, the salary is only 3000 yuan, 300 yuan is not too much, too humble. In late June, Wang Hao returned to Chongqing medical. In September 13th, Mr. Zhuang found Wang Hao in the circle of friends made a few photos, showing his mother together in the 4S shop to mention a SUV car. Wang Hao also said happily, the new members of the home space, to meet a demand. Mr. Zhuang was wondering, Wang Hao is not no money to cure it? How to buy a car, Mr. Zhuang inquiry of the SUV mentioned by Wang Hao, the minimum price of more than 110 thousand yuan. Mr. Zhuang felt cheated. Subsequently, Mr. questioned by Wang Hao, Wang Hao said the donation did not move, the money is to find a car to borrow relatives. I asked him, when fundraising is not said to have you this is not to deceive the end of hills and rivers, you? He pulled me black." Zhuang said that several other friends through WeChat, QQ and mobile phone questioned Wang Hao, the results were all black. Mr. Zhuang will pass through the dialogue with Wang Hao and screenshots sent to the Internet, publicly questioned whether or not suffering from uremia, whether or not to donate. Mr. Zhuang received many netizens questioned response. According to reports, after the hospital through the query, Wang Hao in June after the dialysis treatment in the hospital. But Wang Hao’s mother, Ms. Cai said, the car is to find the money to borrow relatives, and did not use the money donations, donations are used for treatment. Wang Hao also said that a lot of economic pressure at home, and their disease needs can be相关的主题文章: