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US Army to give up GPS? A tiger is not China weapons exhibition live in the United States Military Channel – Sohu Zhuhai airshow in China is like a raging fire, a large number of new weapons debut attracted international attention, but on a U.S. media but did not participate in the Zhuhai air show special attention to weapons. U.S. military officials say the United States Air Force and the Department of defense are implementing a new strategy in order to better defend the enemy’s space attack against the danger of rapid development of space weapons. After years of research and analysis of the space, the U.S. Air Force earlier this year to develop a multi-dimensional space weapons defense plan. The U.S. Air Force conducted a review of the space program in 2014, and evaluated the overall architecture of the space. In 2015, the U.S. Air Force conducted a review of the space situation awareness, highlighting the key issues of space security, and as the basis for change strategy. The United States hopes that this strategy allows the United States to prepare the space sector to deal with the proliferation of anti satellite technology, the threat of a more competitive environment. In order to implement this strategy, the U.S. Air Force will invest $5 billion 500 million in the next five years. Winston of the United States Air Force officer Beecham said: "the highest decision-making potential rivals have noticed that we use space, has taken measures to replicate the US space capabilities, methods for the preparation of the abolition of the U.S. space capabilities in the outbreak of conflict." Although several countries are investing in the development of space weapons, but China’s research activities led to the U.S. defense department leaders, analysts and special attention to the threat assessment staff. Chinese conducted an anti satellite test in a few years ago, launched a ground-based kinetic energy missile SC-19, attracted worldwide attention, has also been a part of criticism. U.S. defense officials said the progress of China’s anti satellite research is very high. Beecham said: "as early as 2007, China has carried out an anti satellite test for low orbit targets, destroyed a defunct Chinese meteorological satellite, resulting in a lot of debris. The debris is still in orbit and has had a lasting impact on the United States and other countries." To this end, the United States joint space operations center issued a warning to other countries, so that their aircraft away from space debris, to prevent the destruction of debris on the satellite. The United States has launched an advanced extremely high frequency satellite communications system, to replace the old military star system, the uplink frequency band of 44GHz, the downlink frequency band of 20GHz. While much of the details of the U.S. space defense and response measures are still under wraps, some information suggests that the U.S. air force is trying to build more flexible space equipment. Decomposition and diversity is the most important technology in the United States, hoping to have conventional weapons and nuclear weapons systems. The goal of diversity tactics is to use multiple satellites for the same purpose. U.S. Air Force officials said the technology includes the deployment of both the GPS and the European Galileo navigation system space equipment. The plan will allow the United States to use its own national space facilities in the event of its own satellites being destroyed by the enemy. Distribution strategy.相关的主题文章: