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News-and-Society With Valentine’s day right around the corner, thoughts are turning to what to do on that special night. While the weather and the economy may be against you having the ultimate luxury experience, it is still very easy to have a great night together. Before you cuddle up and blow out the candles, you could have a lovely Valentine’s evening in. The most important thing about any Valentine’s day is making sure your partner knows you love them, and why. Here’s some suggestions for the perfect night in together. The Setting: First of all, you need to get the setting right. If you live together, you could plan the setting as a couple and make it perfect together. If not, then these ideas will still apply for when your significant other .es over. Make sure the place is clean and tidy first of all, and that everything you will need for your night in together is set out and ready for you: Cutlery, wine, photo albums, scented candles etc. You may wish to spend some of the evening by candlelight, but how about just eating your meal by candlelight instead? That way the candlelight will be more special. If you both enjoy incense, have some of your favourite sticks at the ready to last the evening, and set one going a few minutes before your lover arrives. The food: When choosing food for your perfect evening in, make sure you decide on dishes that you can both enjoy. How about recreating a special dish from the early days of your relationship? A special Valentine’s meal should consist of more than one course, so think of something savoury and light as a starter, a wonderful main course and a light but delicious pudding. Don’t worry about the calories on Valentine’s day. Everything should be all about making the most of each others’ .pany. Be certain not to fill up too much, or you’ll be sleepy before the evening is half-done. It might be a nice idea to have some small snacks out as well as the meal, to nibble on while talking or sharing memories after the meal. Nothing too fussy or too heavy. The music: When selecting background music for your evening in, you could make a .pilation CD or n iTunes playlist of songs that are special to you both, or that have some special significance to your relationship. Go for subdued rather than raucous for an evening of romance. The films: If you are in the mood for a movie or two, it might be nice to share a classic such as Brief Encounter or Casablanca, followed by the first film the two of you saw together. Even if that film is awful, it will be fun to reminisce and laugh at the fun you had while pulling the film apart. The key is fun, togetherness and above all a sense of .panionship. Cuddle up close. Pull a duvet over yourselves and hold each other’s hands while you watch the movies in semi darkness. The Memories: Lay out a selection of photo albums, or set up a slideshow on a .puter or via your digital photo frame. Talk about the old times, both good and bad. Remember those early days that shaped your relationship, and let your partner know just what they mean to you. This is a sentiment that should not be reserved for Valentine’s Day, but pointed out repeatedly to them. They are the person you love, the person you need in your life, and together you make an incredible couple. Enjoy your evening, enjoy each other’s .pany, and go about building more memories for next year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: