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Volkswagen’s "emission gate" 14 billion 700 million settlement agreement was approved by the judge – Sohu car   pictured in 2015 in the United States, San Francisco Volkswagen dealership photographed Volkswagen logo and u.s..     integrated foreign media news, local time on October 25th, the federal court judge in San Francisco, the United States signed orders, approved by the German Volkswagen for $14 billion 700 million (about 99 billion 600 million yuan) on the emission test fraud with customers to settle out of court, the judge said the settlement agreement "fair, reasonable and sufficient". It is reported that the case is the largest in the history of the United States auto industry reconciliation case. U.S. regulators in 2015 found that some Volkswagen installed computer software, you can manipulate the results of emission test data. Some of the cars in the normal driving emissions of pollutants is too high, some of the vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides and even reached the limit of 40 times. Suspected of illegal emissions of about 482 thousand vehicles, to 2009 to 2015 models of the diesel version of the Jetta, beetle and golf, the same period in 2014 to 2015 models of Audi A3 and passat. The settlement agreement allowed to 475 thousand people and Audi’s 2 liter diesel engine car owners can in November can be sold back to the Volkswagen car, and according to the condition, mileage 12475 dollars (about 85 thousand yuan) to $44176 (about 300 thousand yuan) ranging from cars, in addition to their will also receive a $5100 (about 35 thousand yuan) to $9852 (about 67 thousand yuan) ranging from compensation. Public companies also have to compensate $1 billion 200 million for each dealer (about 8 billion yuan). In addition, the company will also pay $2 billion 700 million (about 18 billion 300 million yuan) of gold environmental mitigation and $2 billion (about 13 billion 500 million yuan) of the clean emissions infrastructure costs, take various remedial measures for car illegal excessive exhaust emissions. However, this does not mean that the end of the public "emission gate" incident. The company is working with 85 thousand other 3 liters of diesel car owners to negotiate negotiations, still need to deal with the corresponding compensation problems, and because of violation of the U.S. clean air law and the United States Department of justice fines. (Editor: Chen Xiaoya)相关的主题文章: