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Wang Liping "national life" Zheng Kaida Yuan Shanshan "on national life" poster boot boot scene Sina entertainment news site in November 5, 2016, the gold medal screenwriter Wang Liping drama "national life" in Beijing starting. This unique perspective brings together current acting strength of Star TV, tells the story of a small son Beijing girl and Shanghai love story, Zheng Kai, Yuan Shanshan, Ken Chu, Liu Jia, Wang Zhuanjun, Guo Kaimin, Wang Qian, starring Luo Wei, Li Yimo, Bao Xiao and other actors in the Director under the leadership of Xia Xiaoyun, creating the legendary inspirational romantic sincerity romance. The realistic theme and a breakthrough in the gold medal screenwriter Wang Liping adhere to the original and adhere to the creation of realistic themes on the road, "national life" is a new breakthrough, Wang Liping to present the real psychological trajectory vivid expressions of young people. What is more sensitive to find their emotional confusion and tangled, let the people’s feelings of delicate and real show, to show young people in today’s society, emotional story and life picture. The story of true to life characters striking one snag after another. In order to write this drama, Wang Liping in the story of each place folk songs, in-depth life, let the story development is consistent with the character and is consistent with the city atmosphere. The actor spell strength Biao acting played by actor Zheng Kai Beijing has small son, free personality, and very full of vigor and vitality in his attention in the field of ceramic craftsmen. A rock was born in Shanghai, Zheng Kai played on the very heart of the Beijing people, he and Wang Liping screenwriter director Xia Xiaoyun repeated communication, the role of the research to let Zheng Kai have a greater breakthrough in the acting. With the director Xia Xiaoyun’s words, "the national life" will be a comprehensive display of the versatility of Zheng Kai. Actress Yuan Shanshan on the "national big life" extremely hard, play to do homework on the stage again and again, she starred in an occupation screenwriter, heroine from the experience, can show the development of Chinese tv. Zheng Kai and Yuan Shanshan nearly two years of film and television works of high quality more than quantity, especially acting amazing, the audience very good foundation. In a recent hit variety show "comedy story", Zheng Kai and Yuan Shanshan have entered the final stage, wonderful performance won praise and recognition of the audience. Two people in the "big life" in the national strength to fight Biao acting, in Wang Liping’s words, "I hope the actors show best popular performances to the audience". Married the "F4" combination of the members of the famous actor Ken Chu also joined the drama series, he played a complex character, very sensitive and fragile character, Ken Chu’s stylish handsome male god still loves his idol temperament, the audience can feast their eyes. Liu Jia with solid acting and beautiful appearance by the audience’s favorite, to join the drama, in-depth study of the role, trying to break through and perform a different feeling. In the "national life", the drama of Guo Kaimin, Wang Qian’s love to join the play for the men and women played a happy day. The versatile star Wang Zhuanjun, played a small Shanghai Keller Mr. Chen, will give the audience gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory)相关的主题文章: