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Arts-and-Entertainment It is important to note that the Leo sign starts from 23rd July to 22nd of August. Sun is the ruling planet of Leo horoscope. People who fall under this Zodiac sign are chiefs and natural leaders. It is strongly believed that the fire is the sign of Leo horoscope. So, people who fall under this sign found confident, energetic and enthusiastic. They have a strong confidence and tendency to lead. Moreover, they do not believe in changes and too stick what they consider to good rather they are stable in all types of work. It is said that the person born under Leo sign owns strong personality and they always try to keep in contact or .pany with the people that having same traits. They are usually kind, generous and intelligent. As far their physique is concern they own well built physique. They have good muscles, large bones and broad shoulders. From profession point of view, people fall under Leo horoscope are seen lucky in terms of money matter. They have a special quality to inspire others like a leader. These people have an extremely independent spirit so they are not .fortable being dictated. They have great power and will to drive their purpose of life. Due to the mentioned qualities Leo born people can attain high position in the field of .merce or in Government area. Moreover, they are good in managers, executive jobs, corporation, captain, director etc . So, this is all about the Leo horoscope. Now, some major qualities, nature, temperament, profession, career of Capricorn born people are mentioned below: The zodiac sign Capricorn is started from 22nd of December and end at 20th of January. As per the experts, pla. Saturn is the ruling pla. of Capricorn sign. So, the people born under Capricorn horoscope seen very ambitious. They live a purposeful life and seen very much confident of their having abilities. These people are found to be mentally strong. Moreover they hate to live under or follow the rules and regulations. Also they get success in any kinds of work or jobs they do. As far as their physique is concern, they own a good physique. They are basically identified with thick and strong neck, long nose, dark hair and a long chin. As already mentioned above that Saturn is the ruling pla. of Capricorn horoscope so, these people are determined, ambitious and steadfast. At times they seem reserved but always ready to help people. As far as their profession is concern, the Capricorn born people have the quality to explain the things clearly as they possess a kind of speech that is understood by everyone. They can make a good career where money and calculation is the major factor. Also, they can make good career as economist, speculators, bankers, financiers. Capricorn born people love to spend their time with intelligent and intellectual people. Also they never feel shy to reward others for their good work. So, that was all about the Leo and Capricorn born people. If you want to know more or want to know about other Zodiac signs too then you can visit the site of My horoscope astrology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: