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Arts-and-Entertainment The midseason finale of our all-time favorite sci-fi show, Stargate Universe is right around the corner. Stargate Universe s02e10 is the big thing to look forward to for a wholesome dose of captivating sci-fi. The episode will be entitled Resurgence, and will be the first part of a two-part long episode, the second part of which will be aired when the Stargate Universe series returns after the mid season finale. For now, all eyes are set on s02e10, since after the events of the previous Stargate Universe season 2 episodes, this ones sure to be packed to the brim with edge and excitement for us. In the previous episode, which was entitled Visitation, we saw quite an interesting twist in the storyline, as Destiny encountered a shuttle alongside it. An interesting revelation followed as we discovered that the shuttle was left behind on Eden, and still hosted the personnel who were left behind on the pla.. If you found this episode interesting, then be sure to get a Stargate Universe season 2 episode 10 download , since this episode will take excitement and thrill to an all-new level. The episode explored some interesting details of this alien crew, as they interacted with Young, Greer, and the rest of the Destiny inmates. The most interesting aspect was that these new members still had some memories of their life on the pla.. Wray probed deeper into their minds as he made them undergo a hypnotic session with him. The most shocking turn came when one of these new arrivals died on the spot on being interviewed by Wray. While TJ yet again put her medical knowledge to test by trying hard to find a logical explanation behind the returnees death, it was not the end of eeriness. What followed send a chill down our spine as we saw Chloe undergoing an unexplained and uncontrolled physical transformation. This maybe the last that we saw of her, since she was seen recording her goodbyes through Kino. To see what happens next on this riveting plot, be sure to watch Stargate Universe season 2 episode 10 online , if you miss it on TV. The episode will see the crew exploring a new-found key to Destinys flight path, which will find them in peril as they get stuck amidst a war of aliens. The episode will deliver the paragon of sci-fi and is expected to unleash an unexpected climax to mark the series mid season finale. So be sure to watch Stargate Universe season 2 episode 10. If you miss the episodes airing, you can tune in to it online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: