Watch Zhejiang express logistics express logistics line how to deal with the double 11 exam

Watch Zhejiang express logistics express logistics line: how to deal with the "double 11" exam reporter Zhou Zhenlong annual "double 11", is a test for the consumer pocketbook, a final exam is the express logistics industry". This "double 11" period, "people’s post" newspaper reporter depth Zhejiang Ningbo and Yiwu express logistics line, see "double 11" behind the dynamic express logistics, in-depth understanding of the development of the express logistics industry. In recent years, the "double 11", the number of orders, parcel number soared, courier warehouse explosion, naturally there will be "more slow" scenario, this year may be another situation, express logistics will be faster. "Ningbo" went ahead: the future is not a dream of Ningbo, also known as "Yongcheng", the East China Sea coast is a "Pearl", is also one of the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea. First arrived in Ningbo, reporters on the smell of a logistics atmosphere, not only everyone can comment a few words to express logistics industry, even the express logistics industry chain can also speak closely reasoned and well argued. Cross border logistics is one of the main industries of Ningbo in recent years. After three years of examination and approval, in June 28th of this year, Ningbo became the Zhejiang province of the fourth international mail exchange bureau. "The exchange bureau" to provide customs clearance, settlement, tax rebates, parcel delivery and other one-stop service for cross-border electricity supplier. At present, the "exchange" is mainly responsible for new export business to the international E, international postal packet based Po, products mainly to clothing and footwear. According to the traffic survey, "double 11" period, "the exchange bureau" express business volume growth of 65% than usual growth of 40%, postal parcel, import EMS, international business is expected to average 3000 in water. Courier international export daily average of 16 thousand, while the double 11 period to reach an average of 22 thousand, the postal service during the forecast season packet average daily 33 thousand. Mail is mainly exported to the United States, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other 28 countries in 33 cities. Zhejiang is not only a major province of logistics, but also a major manufacturing province, the perfect combination of the two, out of a very local characteristics of the road of industrialization. A model of electronic commerce Fenghua Romon storage center district of Ningbo city is Ningbo EMS and enterprise cooperation. Ningbo Romon EMS Project Manager Xu Bin told reporters: "through the line of cooperation, the enterprise is responsible for the design, operation and promotion, the express industry in charge of logistics packaging, courier, which can not only allow enterprises to save costs, but also can simplify the delivery process of enterprises." Along with "Internet +" ideas, the future "express +" thought seems can also be achieved, such as delivery vehicles, clothing, express + + + Express delicacy etc.. Ningbo free trade zone is the earliest established customs supervision area in Zhejiang Province, and also an important platform for the development of international trade in Ningbo and Zhejiang. Here, cross-border electricity providers gathered Amazon, Costco and other global leading business platform, Tmall international, Jingdong’s global purchasing domestic cross-border electricity giant, such as Parkinson and bes Huitong, SF, tact in leading logistics service providers. A warehouse staff said: "with such an average day we pack glue.相关的主题文章: