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We all play a panoramic view of the various sports cameras have what tricks? The camera motion is since 2014 the intelligent hardware noun rushed to fame, now has more and more categories. Because of its characteristics and the wearing of three, light a variety of ways, even if not just products, but with Coldplay and unconventional shooting angle, in a very short time and quickly occupied the market of young. In outdoor extreme sports, cell phones and cameras can not be used, or can not shoot the desired angle of view. These are easy things to do for sports cameras. Since this year, major camera manufacturers have to update the continuation of the good momentum, the movement of the camera the old models, and bring a lot of new entry-level model, in addition to the movement of camera motion, panoramic self timer, I also come in handy. Today we look at the various sports cameras in the panoramic view of what is the extraordinary skill in the market place. Nikon KeyMission360: civilian 360° wearable camera; although the same is the motion of the camera, and the current popular Ricoh THETA360 and GoPro, the Nikon KeyMission 360 is a concept of the movement of the camera, in addition to have three excellent performance, you can also shoot 4K panoramic video, is a new field of classification. On both sides of the camera, built-in dual lens dual image sensor, with electronic anti shake, you can simultaneously shoot two photos of synthetic 360° photos, or recording 360° video. At the beginning of this year, CP+2016 displayed on the Nikon Keymission 360 Nikon KeyMission 360 fuselage with a waterproof function, without the use of protection cover, waterproof 30 meters, and has enough impact resistance, low temperature resistance, dustproof. From the exterior, cool with a black metal frame, and the size is only half of the palm, the Nikon KeyMission 360 camera is to give us a big surprise in the past, Nikon has launched a three camera, and this added panoramic photography function, extreme sports will be more fun. Edit comment: Nikon KeyMission 360 is a break with the traditional cross-border products, but the effects of the earthquake and the internal software debugging is not complete, the camera is expected to be officially listed next month, for such a can realize 360° wearable devices video, Nikon revealed that this product will be price positioning of civilians it is expected. "The dog" camera: multiple GoPro composed of 360° the lack of panoramic panoramic video content for domestic, although a variety of VR equipment but always faces emerge in an endless stream, expensive and difficult operation problems. This makes it possible to have high market share GoPro to find new business opportunities in China, by assembling multiple cameras, GoPro solutions selling one-stop, includes not only the "dog" is composed of the panoramic camera, as well as related programs and customer service such as splicing. GoPro is transliteration.相关的主题文章: