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WeChat group of parents fight cold medicine single most non identification and proof of scouring the sea Chinese – Beijing cold temperatures that young children have parents, from the popular cold medicine online purchasing in Germany and japan. The Beijing Morning Post reporter found the day before the survey, these drugs are not Chinese purchasing information description and production batch number etc.. Beijing emergency center, said Dr. Liu, the child should be treated in a timely manner sick, do not arbitrarily medication. Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau complaints hotline staff also said that the "three noes" of products there are security risks, parents do not want to buy. WeChat group "children fight single parents on Friday to catch a cold, catch a cold, have a fever burned for several days, has not been good." Ms. Yang said that her daughter is 5 years old, after a fever, she gave the child to leave the nursery in the WeChat group. On the same day, the other two parents also because of a fever to the teacher. "One parent told us, and now we are buying children from Germany antipyretics, efficacy is particularly good, children can be cured quickly after eating." Ms. Yang said that parents have heard, and the other two parents have to each other to buy WeChat, and in the group to fight a single, bought a box of two. Compared to the pharmacy to buy children’s cold medicine, some of the drugs in Germany, a box of 12, you can eat for 3 days, asking price of $120. But as long as the effect is good, we are willing to spend money for children." Ms. Yang said that this home to tell her, can also be equipped with the Japanese made of vitamin to eat, the effect is better. "Although the price is not cheap, but in order to children, we would like to spend more money." The owner of the drug selling experience reporter survey found that, as well as Ms. Yang favored overseas purchasing children’s medicine is not a minority of parents. Which have a fever cold medicine, allergy medicine and nutrition. Purchasing way diversification, shop, WeChat purchasing everything. Reporters in the online search found that the sale of foreign children’s medicine shop a lot, but they are under the banner of "nutrition" gimmick. A merchant told reporters, because the Internet can not sell drugs, look very tight, most of them are the goods sold in the mixed in nutrition. "Now everybody’s on WeChat". Reporters then add a child drug purchasing agent. He said that children’s drugs have been doing for two years. "What medicine do you want? If you do not know, you can tell me the child’s illness, I recommend to you." The name of the business, he has been very experienced, a few dozen weekly shipments, many parents are my old customers." The reporter asked whether there is a Chinese logo on the drug and inspection certificate. The merchant said, drugs are coming from foreign direct mail, no Chinese identification and inspection mark. "You can rest assured that I know the amount of direct to you in the past on the line. If too expensive, we can also open to sell, you buy one or two times the amount of try, if the effect is good, then buy. But the total price is definitely more expensive than the whole box." News links – drug abuse with unknown ingredients for parents overseas purchasing children cold medicine, Beijing Emergency Center Doctor Liu said, the child is sick can not take medicine, must be timely medical treatment. In particular, some foreign drugs, ingredients are unknown, can not be given to children相关的主题文章: