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Well! Typhoon Haima   not walking! Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn since the 21 day night into Jiangxi yesterday morning to stop number, the typhoon "hippocampus" spent 8 hours in Gannan, Gannan has become the strong rainfall home court. In contrast, the north of Jiangxi Province is more windy protagonist. According to the latest forecast of the meteorological department, with the hippocampus dissipated, today’s wind and rain in our province significantly weakened, and more to turn cloudy, but the cold air in the north, the temperature is still low. "Hippocampus" from Jiangxi Gannan into strong rainfall Dingnan into the home court according to meteorological monitoring, 21, 22, weakened into a tropical storm level "hippocampus" from Guangdong, from Ganzhou Dingnan County in Jiangxi, 21, 23 in Longnan County continue to weaken to a tropical depression. Yesterday at 5 o’clock, the hippocampus further weakened the center of the wind, it is difficult to determine its circulation center, the central meteorological station to stop its number. Meteorological experts said, "in the" give me bring heavy rainfall mainly concentrated in 21 day to night during the day yesterday, Gannan is the main battlefield of heavy rainfall, especially heavy rainfall over Ganzhou is generally. Province Office of real-time rainfall monitoring data show that in 21, 18 to 22, 18, the province has 6 counties under a heavy rain, 36 counties under the rain, concentrated in Ganzhou, Ji’an, Fuzhou also appeared heavy rainfall dispersion. The northern Jiangxi Nanchang rainfall does not play a leading role in atmospheric temperature drop and Gannan compared to North Jiangxi mainly in small to moderate rain, but more than 4 of the north wind roar from time to time, or let people smell the breath of the typhoon. According to monitoring, 21 PM to yesterday afternoon, a few villages and areas in northern Nanchang Wanli District, New District, Anyi County etc. there has been heavy rain, rainfall is more, including the urban area. As a result of the northern cold air entry, the temperature in Nanchang has declined, the maximum temperature of 23.9 degrees C yesterday. Typhoon gone cold air is now the temperature in 20 degrees above and below yesterday evening, the province has been weakened in the wind and rain. Meteorological department analysts believe that today’s wind and rain continue to weaken, cloudy Ganzhou cloudy, cloudy cloudy other cities in the province. Tomorrow, North Jiangxi cloudy cloudy; Gannan cloudy. Expected to 25, the province’s cloudy weather. Hippocampus has gone cold air, the temperature is still low this year, the province’s most high temperature and the lowest temperature in 20 degrees hovering. At least 28 days, Nanchang is mainly to fine weather. Among them, the temperature is running low, the highest temperature will rise from 25 to 27, up to 29 degrees C. The typhoon, flood four emergency response yesterday to end Xunwu Dingnan transfer 174 people yesterday, reporters from the provincial flood control headquarters was informed that, in view of the twenty-second typhoon "hippocampus" in our province, according to the provisions of the "basic influence over Jiangxi province flood control and drought contingency plans" and "Jiangxi Province Water Conservancy Department of flood control and drought contingency plans", the provincial flood control headquarters Provincial Water Resources Department decided to end the four flood emergency response on day 16 respectively. The 21 day rainfall Gannan heavy heavy rain, Dingnan County, Xunwu County, Anyuan County, local heavy rain. 21, from 8 to 22 on the 8, the province’s average rainfall of 20 mm, Ganzhou City, the largest of 44 mM, Fuzhou City, 18)相关的主题文章: