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WeMedia announced the acquisition of 40 million yuan A+ round of financing the Phoenix Francisco September 1st message, micro interactive media (WeMedia) officially announced from PGA Venture led the scale of 40 million yuan of A+ round of financing, the funds have been credited into account. WeMedia according to the official revealed that the information, WeMedia is the valuation of 800 million yuan to get this financing, compared to six months ago, the valuation of the A round of financing has doubled up to 400 million. The lead investor PGA Venture investment in the case of, including 360, public comment, a good doctor and financial management of golden eggs. WeMedia chairman and CEO Li Yan said that the A+ round of financing shows that the capital market for promising new media, is not easy to obtain financing in the capital during the winter, this round of financing will be used for recruitment and expansion of new business talents as well as from the media investment acquisition etc.. Previously, WeMedia has announced that the company will be listed in the near future three new board, is currently preparing for work. According to the transfer instructions, WeMedia in 2014, 2015 and 2016 first quarter revenues were 15 million 851 thousand yuan, 54 million 270 thousand yuan and 19 million 621 thousand and 500 yuan, net profit was 1 million 358 thousand and 300 yuan, 11 million 628 thousand and 100 yuan and 7 million 680 thousand and 400 yuan. WeMedia was founded in 2014 by magma interaction, WeMedia from media alliance and technology media Bianews merger, PreA round of investment for the CPT capital, the scale of nearly 10 million yuan; investment A round is an culture, the scale of 60 million yuan.相关的主题文章: