Western media secret to make is fear of female soldiers one night killed several terrorists soojin

The western media secret IS fear: a female soldier killed a number of terrorists late data figure: the Iraqi Kurdish armed female soldiers in the original title: Western media secret IS fear the Woman Warrior: one night and killed a number of terrorists Reference News Network September 21 daily Road West media said, there are a number of powerful female guerrillas in Iraqi Kurdish freedom fighters in the camp, they go with those who are bullied, raped, killed and buried their sisters in Iraq and Syria compatriots enemy reckoning took up arms. According to Spain’s "world news" reported on September 19th, the 24 year old Kurdish female Hasiwa · the battle joins Nazad a year ago, then led a team consisting of 30 female teams in Mosul 10 minutes drive from the area. "A year ago, when I saw my home the scenes from the horror on TV, I decided to take up arms." Nazad, dressed in military uniform, told reporters. Reported that she was in Istanbul, and her husband is preparing to travel to europe. "He didn’t like my idea, but I ignored it, simply packed up and went back home. He went to Germany, and I came here. I never saw him again, nor any news of him." Haswa said. In this camp, such as her sentence, his firm female is not extremely elegant and valuable in the minority. "We are a big family, and we don’t have any differences on the battlefield. We can manipulate any type of weapons, even RPG anti tank rocket launchers. Not what we can." Haswa said. She sat in a 25 year old naima · Jalil, believed in Zoroastrianism, "Jihad" that is "the devil’s disciple". In August 2014, the Islamic state organization attacked her living in Siyaer mountain area. Just a few hours, her family for centuries home was completely destroyed, hundreds of men were killed, some people were trapped in the mountains, without food and water; thousands of women were kidnapped, become the Islamic state organization sex slaves or trafficked to other areas. "I was a witness to the disaster, and I felt that there was no choice but to join the freedom fighters. When I told my parents about the idea, they were rejected. "How do you do that? It’s not a woman’s life. " But I didn’t change the plan. Now I’m here to defend my home. My parents went to germany." Naima recalls. "In essence, we are on the front line as the best revenge for the Islamic state. We’ll make them pay for what they’ve done. One night I killed several terrorists, and it was very memorable to me." The Imam said. Reported that another from Syria armed Kurdish women, · Tahir said: "one day" Islamic country "will disappear, but even if that day comes, I will continue to stay in the army, where I have to go to fight." "I used to live with my family in a refugee camp in Syria. When we got there, we found that there was nothing better than that. So I decided to fight. I am in my home相关的主题文章: