What 2 Words Turned Me From sick And Scared To healthy, Wealthy, Happy And Successful-douke

UnCategorized Back in my school days I was a wreck. Actually most of my childhood. I was really shy and I remember even being self-conscious walking to school when the school bus went by because I was afraid people would laugh at me. In school, I was the one the teacher knew had the answer, yet was afraid to raise my hand and volunteer it because I might screw up and be teased – so when no one else offered the answer and I was called on, most of the time my voice crackled or I stuttered and what I feared did .e true. Then there was the bullying, people throwing spit wads, Andrea Leffingwell making fun of me. All these things were the result of having a lot of health issues growing up and my mom worrying a lot and trying to protect me from the world. That caused me to be scared of the world and not feel .fortable in my skin. I was concerned all the time about what people thought of me, I was afraid of being laughed at, and was quickly be.ing an A1 Junior Worry Wart myself. What turned everything around for me? When I was 15 for some reason this 2-word phrase came to mind one day, and I said it over and over and over and over…. Until it came true. The phrase? "Think positive. Think positive." As simple as those 2 words are, they’re the secret that led to me over.ing my fears, claiming my power, be.ing secure and confident… and as a result of that polar shift in consciousness – very successful! I’m not saying it all turned around overnight, and in fact "Think Positive! Think Positive!" became a personal mission for me, and I repeated this mantra to myself I imagine hundreds of times a day for about two months. That concentrated attention was enough for me to go from feeling small and scared to *being* optimistic and, well, positive. And my results changed quickly because of that change in thinking, to the point where I very much enjoyed my senior year in high school, started building upon my successes until I felt like I could do anything (and was doing it!). Over my 22+ years in personal growth I’ve .e to know how all this came about – both my previous worst fears and current greatest successes, and the lesson can have a profound effect on limiting your failures and multiplying your successes – all as a result of those 2 little words: "Think Positive! Think Positive!" You’ve heard of the book responsible for making more people wealthy than anything in history, "Think and Grow Rich", as well as "As a Man Thinketh", another prosperity classic. Both are based on the universal truth that what you think about most often, you create in your life. Before "Think Positive! Think Positive!" became my mantra – and experience – I put a lot of energy (attention and focus) into being afraid of people making fun of me. So what happened? People made fun of me. After saying this mantra over and over at least 9,000 times, because "what you focus on you create" is always true, positive things started happening to me. More importantly, my *thinking* was forever changed, and that positive mindset is what led to my life getting better and better year after year, to the point where I’ve been able to make a difference to tens of thousands of people also looking for help thinking positive – and having more positive experiences. If you’re Positive you want to improve your life, I suggest you Think long and hard about using the power of those two words to transform what you experience, as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: