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What happened in two minutes after a slump of more than $10%? The Gu Chengqi in Asia in early trading, pound unexpected flash collapse, once in a few minutes plunged more than 10%, the biggest intraday decline in Britain from Europe since the referendum. Beijing time 7:07 or so, the pound against the dollar suddenly diving, a few seconds from 1.26 plunged to near the end of, down more than 6.1%. In the next ten minutes, the pound recovered most of the decline, the current decline of around 2%. Bloomberg said the intraday low of 1.1841, the lowest since March 26, 1985, but the days low controversial, some Asian market makers on the pound dollar intraday low of the controversy, that should be in a level of less than 1.1400. Reuters reported that day lows reached 1.1378. This calculation, the pound fell more than 1200 points against the dollar, down to 10%. Sterling flash collapse is considered to be caused by the program exchange. IG market analyst Angus Peng Bo said: This looks like a trading process triggered by flash collapse, and the reason is that the financial times on the French President Francois Hollande comments on the United Kingdom back to Europe in the report of. Taking into account the light trading in Asia, may lead to a chain reaction of other trading procedures, thus amplifying the decline. The Financial Times reported that the French President Hollande said the United Kingdom must bear the consequences of Europe, so as to allow the EU from disaster. The report said that Hollande was in Paris, a European Union officials attended the dinner, said he urged the EU to negotiate with the United Kingdom a tough position to avoid the chain reaction, to protect the basic principles of the single market. Still, analysts are still shocked by the pound’s fall. Think Markets, chief market analyst Naeem Aslam wrote in the report: This is crazy, just say that this is a flash crash, but the decline in sterling can tell the market fell to low. Britain’s "hard back Europe" has hurt the pound. This is from the British pound against the dollar since the referendum: pound flash collapse also affected other markets in the Asian session, the S & P 500 futures edged down 0.2%, most Asian stock markets. It is worth noting that, at the same time pound sterling fell, the offshore renminbi market has also been implicated. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: