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Home-Improvement When you have a leak-even a tiny one that seems to only let a small amount of water trickle out-you can count on multiple things going wrong quite quickly. However, for whatever reason, we tend to let leaks dribble on for years and years. Perhaps because they are not readily visible, we tend to forget them and think that everything will be okay. But that reasoning is not only poor-its dangerous. In the hereafter, we will discuss the possible negative side effects (and potential disasters) of letting a leak in your Seattle home or business go on undetected. A Gargantuan Water Bill Dont you spend enough as it is on utilities? So why let water run continuously when you know for a fact that it is causing your water bill to slowly rise? Before you know it, you will find yourself spending hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars on water that you didnt even get the benefit of using. Instead, youre just mailing off extra money to the local municipalities every month. Who has enough money to just give it away in that fashion, anyway? Mildew Leaking water basically infects everything around it. That means your floors, subfloors, sheetrock, support beamsthe list goes on. And what happens once all that stuff is wet? Well, it wont dry up on its own, thats for sure. Instead, more than likely it will remain wet and eventually grow mildew and mold. Now think about this: once mold begins to fester in your home, its not easy to get rid of. In fact, youll have to spend thousands to do it properly. Not to mention the fact that any future home buyers will have to find out that you had mold remediation work done in your home, which isnt exactly great for your resale value. Why not just have a leak detection specialist .e in and sniff out that leak for you? Slab or Basement Wall Problems If we have learned anything over the last few decades, its that water and foundations dont mix. Whether the water finds its way into existing cracks in your slab, forcing it to split further, or it softens the dirt around your home causing it to shift, water is sure to spell trouble with a capital T for your support system. Another problem can cause is when it settles up against basement walls, forming too much pressure for the walls to support. The result? Bowing or even failing foundation walls. Sound safe? Not exactly. Save Yourself the Trouble with Leak detection Services The problems mentioned above or only a few off an extremely long list. We didnt even get into the yard damage or the impact such wastefulness has on our environment (lets not forget that we are in a world fresh water crisis here!). So rather than let water leaks go unfound, we have a better option for you. Get to Google and search for a local water leak detection service to .e in, find the leak, and put a stop to it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: