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What is the faith of the investment? | crash

P _ Berkshire sina finance _ sina.com.cn existentialism pioneer Kerr Kay Gol once said: "you how faith, you would do in life." For investment, you can also apply: how do you believe, you will invest." Investment should have faith? Before answering this question, first of all, we have to understand what is faith? Then you can answer the question of investment beliefs. Believe this thing, according to Baidu’s explanation refers to certain ideas, nationalism, religion or belief in someone or something and respect, and take it as its own code of conduct; with a strong belief in the subjective and emotional experience of color. All people have their own ideas and expectations, but the dream come true is a small number of people, the key difference is that there is no firm faith. Because once the people have faith, it has a great spiritual power, this power is reflected in the action never give up. Have faith will be very clear direction in life and the value of the pursuit of their own, but also makes them both facing any setbacks and difficulties, will never yield in spite of reverses and don’t give up. In every man of faith, faith is sacred, and it is the sacredness of the faith, which makes the mind of the believer highly stable. The sanctity of faith, so that the goal of the believers have a high degree of integrity, so that the action of the letter is more active. Faith is your trust. Unlike trust, faith is your value. The investment belief is the value of investors. Some people say that the investment is not to buy a stock, funds, bonds or gold. What need to be adjusted, so profound, so mysterious? In fact, if the observation and reflection of our deeper, you will find the same investment, why some people always do well, but more people are useless or even continued losses? Because the investment world is full of variables, on the one hand, we can’t predict the future; on the other hand, we have to face the unexpected. The so-called "days of contingency situation, people have good and bad fortune, uncertainty and investment time together almost. Why do some people and some people can be rich overnight, some people can ruin the moment? Some people have it both ways, more people are buying what did what? Why in the same crash, some people can live, more people are back to the night before liberation? There are too many of the world’s investment in the meeting of wind and clouds, it seems difficult to find a reasonable explanation. Scientific practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. But we can not use the scientific theorem to explain these, so we need to rely on faith, with a strong belief in investment to resolve the uncertainty of all investment. What kind of investment beliefs should we have? Or what should we believe? This actually involves the methodological issues of investment. There are many ways to make money, but the actual method of the system. But to master the correct method of investment, relatively speaking we should trust investment in the world there are certain rules, believe that by adhering to follow these rules, or short or long, but it will bring us benefits continue. )相关的主题文章: