What is the most effective method of thin abdomen 7 ways to create a sexy waistline nvidia geforce gt 740m

What is the most effective method of thin abdomen? 7 ways to create a sexy waistline lead: what is the most effective method of thin stomach? Belly fat highlight how to do? How to reduce belly fat? Small series to share the 7 most effective way to reduce the stomach, easy to take advantage of these few weight loss methods, fast stomach. (source: PCLADY) waist massage this is one of the most common abdominal weight loss method, using kneading action with massage cream for the fat, the improvement is very good. Massage can improve the temperature of the skin, a large number of energy consumption, promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce intestinal absorption of nutrients, promote blood circulation, so that excess water excreted. To the navel as the center, in the abdomen to play a question mark, along the question mark massage, the first right, the left side, the massage 30-50, massage 1 times a day. Comments: this massage method can not only help you eliminate the prominent belly, but also can help improve the abdominal massage cream skin, belly flat not only, also become whitening firming oh. Salt diet salt with the role of sweating, it can exhaust the body’s waste and excess moisture, promote skin can also soften dirt, The new supersedes the old., add salt and minerals, making skin delicate and tight. Buy several bags of salt in the supermarket or grocery store. Before bath, take a cup of salt to add a little hot water mix into a paste, then put it on the abdomen. After 10 minutes, rinse with hot water to coarse salt, also can massage and then wash away, and then you can start to take a bath. Or, after a shower, sprinkle a tablespoon coarse salt in the palm, massage the abdomen directly, do not rub too hard, so as not to rub the skin more rough. Comments: salt can not only lose weight, but also do good to remove the skin toxin, nature is alvine good reducing weight can not test. The lower abdomen slimming abdominal contraction walk method first of all to learn "abdominal breathing": breathing, belly bulge; breath, the belly tightening. This is a necessary training for people who practice yoga or practice pronunciation. It helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of waste in the body, smooth airflow, increase lung capacity. Normal walking and standing, should be forced to shrink the lower abdomen, with abdominal breathing, so that stomach muscles more compact. At the beginning of the one or two day will not be used, but as long as remind your abdominal contraction to lose weight, a few weeks, not only the lower abdomen to flat, walking posture will be more attractive. Comments: the so-called "habit", every conscious abdomen, slowly becomes firmer muscles. The hula hoop diet to choose a heavier hula hoop, to turn for half an hour every day, at the beginning of the waist and abdomen will feel pain, or even bruising, but insist on a week of time, but also to remember is that the clockwise and counter clockwise to the number of turns the same. Comments: this method is aimed at reducing abdominal fat belly, often hula hoop can exercise the waist and abdominal muscles, but excessive hoop will also increase the extrusion of viscera, so choose the hula hoop weight were suitable, and it is important to note, not hula hoop at the end of the meal, not only can not play…相关的主题文章: