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When the net is red, love the girl from, tell you what a moron Queen – some time ago Lulu Sohu of science and technology by the Mid Autumn Festival holiday to buy buy buy relax with my customers meet the salesman "woman to 25 years old start maintenance……" "Women are going downhill after the age of 25……" What is it like 25 year old important watershed could not help tell the salesman what is the correct way to open a 25 year old woman with a 25 year old Swedish Simone Giertz to "suck machine queen" at a young age is already claiming to be a "robot mother" such as following the breakfast milk lipstick Delta Delta robot robot look at the feeding robot at the age of 25 what don’t just wrinkle! Of course, as you can see these robots are not moron Simone hopes to complete tasks it is these adorable robot made Simone Youtube the red net you know Geek field in a stream like beautiful woman how important it is to exist! Video shot their knock code robot need to encourage repair time to make a robot applause enough… A perfect interpretation of what is called Smart is the new sexy although made robot are not good temper like peanut butter SAPO robot will hair cut out of the clock always slapped cutting robot with friends are planning for UAV hair while Simone machine model is very cool like this good-looking can take photos of the popcorn machine feed this invention still do not know in what place can come in handy but why is this brain hole to let the world’s most regressed robotic company Boston Dynamics Simone to an olive branch perhaps after the Simone homemade machine can transform into the dog shit that worth mentioning is the inventor of the Simone potential To back to the founder of her grandfather’s grandfather Lars Magnus Ericsson the world’s largest mobile communications equipment manufacturers Ericsson Ericsson, the descendants of the family did not become the so-called "two rich generation" instead of trying to toss in various fields only the Simone network now red road actually feel like lulu in order to improve the human life and the invention of robot is active a good thing though inventing new things the original pit may be too lazy……相关的主题文章: