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When you are ill, you can’t hide ten secrets from a doctor – Sohu health is sick, you hide anything from your doctor, you may increase the risk of misdiagnosis, and even fatal. Any of the following ten aspects, you should be open to the doctor. If you can’t talk, you can tell the nurse, send an email to the doctor, or write a note. 1, smoking, alcohol. If you don’t hide, the doctor will not health issues in your lungs and liver to make accurate diagnosis. 2, the size of the situation. There are a lot of patients died on the embarrassed. The stool problem may allow the doctor to find out if you have early colon cancer, which can improve the cure rate. 3, whether or not other drugs, some drugs will have side effects to each other to tell the doctor after the doctor will give full consideration to 4, whether regular massage. If you want the treatment of neck pain, it is best to have a few days before let masseur tell the doctor massage neck. 5, the bag shy. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the treatment you can afford, which will help you stick with your treatment 6. Boldly ask the doctor if there are cheaper drugs, but also to achieve the same effect. 7, recent depression, anxiety or tension. Do not talk to your doctor about the current psychological symptoms, your body treatment often fail to achieve results. 8, did not follow the doctor’s advice. When a gynecologist asks you if you have a chest exam every month, if you don’t lie or nod, you’ll be misdiagnosed. The same is true of the medication, if you do not strictly follow the doctor’s advice, be sure to tell him. 9, like to eat sweets. You like to eat sweets and other high calorie foods, and do not exercise for a long time, to admit the truth to the doctor. 10, slight pain. Occasionally, there is a slight pain in swallowing, but also to tell the doctor, he can determine whether you have early esophageal cancer.相关的主题文章: