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Where the Secretary of the transfer of the general assembly to the absence of a political news know – Sohu (WeChat ID:upolitics) noted that in November 18th outside slightly surprised when, a report of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office website disclosure of the whereabouts of Chen Zhigang. No wonder he can not come to the scene, 17 am, he was accompanied by the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office Director Liu Yongfu in Ningxia. Of course, his new identity has been exposed. Bijie chief Chen Zhigang is rare place Poverty Alleviation Office Deputy Director of the State Council as accompanying. This new identity is surprising, Zheng know (WeChat ID:upolitics) to sort out the last ten years in Bijie City Party committee leaders to Beijing, after leaving office, Chen Zhigang is the first. The last ten years, Bijie has experienced Liu Xiaokai, Qin Rupei, Zhang Jiyong, Chen Zhigang four Secretary Zhigang took office, succeeding Chen Zhou Jiankun is the latest in a. By the end of 2011 Bijie "withdrawal to a city", in January 2012, since May 2008 to succeed Liu Xiaokai as party secretary of Bijie Qin Rupei, the "party secretary" was renamed the "party secretary", and after 3 months among the Guizhou provincial Party committee. The career go to this step, Qin Rupei and his predecessor Liu Xiaokai is the "same", after Liu Xiaokai left Bijie, and served as vice governor of Guizhou province in April 2012, together with Qin Rupei among the "Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee". After 3 months, the Provincial Standing Committee position adjustment, Liu Xiaokai became Secretary of provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, Qin Rupei became deputy governor. However, in October last year in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Liu Xiaokai by the central committee. Zhang Jiyong was the only party secretary of Bijie. In July 2012, two had served as Deputy Secretary of Bijie prefectural Party committee he, after a brief 6 month interim mayor post, as secretary of the CPC Bijie municipal committee. Unfortunately, in January 2015, Guizhou Bijie municipal government website published an obituary that Secretary of the CPC Bijie Municipal Committee Comrade Zhang Jiyong illness is invalid, in January 11, 2015 23 died at the age of 56. In accordance with the wishes of the family, the funeral. Zhang Jiyong died a month later, when he was director of the Guizhou Provincial Communications Department, Chen Zhigang, from Guiyang to Bijie. Bijie has admitted left-behind children problems in November 17th, in the absence of Chen Zhigang over the meeting, commissioned by the Guizhou provincial meeting of the Deputy Secretary of Guizhou provincial Party Committee Organization Department Yu Jie said in his speech, he also did not mention. From February 2015 took over the Bijie municipal Party committee secretary to the outgoing, Chen Zhigang, Bijie, less than two years, only 21 months. Chen Zhigang to Bijie, the most difficult problem to deal with is probably left behind children. By the end of 2012, 5 children were found dead in Bijie city seven cities site garbage box, caused sustained attention outside of Bijie left-behind children problem. The government knows (WeChat ID:upolitics) noted that, after the arrival of Chen Zhigang, Bijie has repeatedly because of left-behind children become the focus of media attention. According to the surging news review, May 5, 2015, Guizhou Province, Bijie City Intermediate People’s Court of qixingguan District:相关的主题文章: