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Why is Volvo the most pioneering car brand? Auto – Sohu for ordinary consumers, "car" two word itself combines avant-garde attributes — from the beginning to change human way to travel, to promote the transformation of the mode of transport now, the automobile industry always stand in the front position, especially car prices, it is play a very important role. To a certain extent, the time to maintain the vanguard spirit, has become a leader in the competition, to lead the industry trend of the car prices of consciousness. So, why Volvo is the most pioneering spirit of the car brand? Let us from the recently released Volvo called "Omtanke" 2025 sustainable development strategy into one or two slightly. Lars, chief executive officer of Volvo Asia Pacific Group, ·, what is Omtanke? In Swedish, Omtanke means "love". According to Volvo official explained, "on behalf of the 2025 sustainable development strategy Omtanke" Volvo in the core values of safety, quality and environmental protection, make four promises of sustainable development; the future, Volvo will continue adhering to the "people first" concept, car owners made set of scientific and technological innovation, humanistic care and sustainable as one of the development. Among them, Volvo "Omtanke" refers to the four commitments:? 2020, no person who ride a new Volvo car and suffered serious casualties; by 2020, the proportion of internationalization? Top management reached 35%, the proportion of female leaders reached 35%;? By 2025, delivery of 1 million new energy vehicles; by 2025? Achieve climate zero load operation. (by improving energy efficiency and climate procurement zero load energy supply, to achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide in automobile manufacturing) behind these four commitments, contains two Volvo has always insisted, and leading the industry trend of the pioneer concept — automatic driving and environmental protection. Perhaps it seems that these two points in the industry has become "apply selling point", but in fact, whether in history or at the achievements of Volvo is "pioneer", "are worth bragging". As we all know, Volvo 89 years and security is inseparable from the two words, and automatic driving technology is the answer given by Volvo for the new era of automotive safety technology. In early September 2012, three driverless car Volvo, has been in Barcelona on the road, completed the European environmental protection of road safety to 90km H (SARTRE) of the driving speed up testing program, Volvo is also the first in the open highway to achieve fully automatic car test car manufacturers; in December 2013, Volvo Goteborg opened the world’s first large-scale public self driving road test project "Drive Me"; the new Volvo XC90 is the world’s first with a highly automated driving production models; last month, Volvo announced and sharing travel companies — and the world’s leading step (Uber), reached a strategic cooperation agreement.相关的主题文章: