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The woman was riding electric car knocked down a facial injury fire soldiers send their medical original title: electric vehicle charging escape fire to send the injured doctor   Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Zhang Jingshu) yesterday morning, Daxing District City Road near the bus by a woman riding a bicycle bike down falls on the ground, facial injuries, the perpetrators escaped. To Daxing fire brigade Langfa water supply squadron of fighters Wang Gang passed, the injured woman to huangcunzhen hospital and inform their families (see photo). After the hospital surgeon identification, Ms. injured nasal bone fracture, no other. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the 21 year old young soldier Wang Gang, he recalls, at 10 in the morning you leave out the doctor, passing through the city road bus driving West found a group of people together in the roadside. He leaned a look, people around is a woman, she was sitting on the roadside, manlianshixue. "I hastened to ask what was going on, she said that she had bought a dish to ride home, where I was hit by an electric bicycle. When the head fell to the ground and hit the motor vehicle and non motor vehicle isolation barrier, it seems that the injury is not light. Electric car ride is also a woman, the car did not run away." Wang Gang said that although some people around the time that has been reported to the police, but injured women sitting on the ground is not a way. So he picked up scattered on the ground of vegetables, a hand pushing a bicycle with the help of the women, will be sent to the nearest hospital huangcunzhen. And quickly notify the families of women, will also inform their captain. After the hospital surgeon injured woman identification of nasal bone fracture, there is no other parts. Yesterday about 11:30 in the morning, the family rushed to the hospital with the further treatment of fire fighters, courageous and expressed gratitude. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: