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Women fall family bus emergency brake shout 5 rib driver discount – Sohu news news (reporter Wang Yue) the new culture of "the 188 road car, brakes, a middle-aged woman fell down, and the drivers of both a few argue, with young women called the woman’s son, to leap up the road. Five or six a man of violence on the hard driver head, cuff and kick, the driver was beaten to death manlianshixue……" August 25th at 5:48 in the evening, there are friends broke the news on the internet. What the hell is going on? 26 am, the reporter contacted a witness to the event. 188 road brakes caused by the woman down according to witnesses Mr. Zhang introduced, the incident time is about 5:30 on the evening of 25. "I also take the 188 bus, the car after the car a lot of people, the car may be due to the vehicle in front four Chittagong line of force and brakes, the driver, a middle-aged woman fell on the car." Mr. Zhang said, the middle-aged woman fell, then stood up beside the arm slowly for a long time, the driver repeatedly asked the old man if there is a problem. The woman fell more than and 50 years old, did not speak, then feel nothing, the driver will continue to drive." Zhang said that when the bus driver’s son is also on the car, driving to the second intersection, the driver asked her son again whether the woman was injured, said the woman fell no harm. Unexpectedly, a young woman fell beside the woman is not willing "," the woman said, "the old man fell down, I do nothing," and then she fell to the son of a woman of a telephone call, said the car." Zhang said that the young woman has always been to the other report bus route. "Rendezvous in Jincheng Road and leap of the main street, the bus ride we were several car stopped, the car down the five or six men." Mr. Zhang said, when the car driver said the road parking is prohibited, hoping that the car to leap not far from the front of the square, the men did not refuse, let go on a bus. Several men stopped the bus hit the driver Mr. Zhang said that the leap in the square nearby, our bus stopped the car, "the results did not expect that a few men put up a bus driver to beat the driver, son to Lycra, got beat up." Zhang said that the bus driver was beaten face blood. "The woman who fell down has been advised, ‘do not hit’, but these men do not listen." Mr. Zhang said, when the passengers who want to go to Indiana, but this is the car for "boys" scold go. "A few did not count, but at least five or six." Mr. Zhang said, several people were also male passengers to want to push up. Bus driver was discounted 5 ribs on the same day, the reporter with the 188 bus fleet captain Wang made contact with the 26. Captain Wang said he had just returned to the team from the hospital, the driver was really playing Tan master, discounted 5 ribs, is still in hospital." Captain Wang said that the batterer violence after driving away. "Monitoring on the bus is not so good, not recorded, but a lot of ride.相关的主题文章: